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Moving and Garage Sales Can Go Hand in Hand

by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | Moving | Moving Innisfil | 0 Comments

Moving or Thinking About Moving?

Moving Innisfil and garage sales work together to help you to pare down your possessions.

Four simple moving tips that can help you find new homes for all those great items no longer, used, needed or loved!

1.  Sell

  • Garage Sale – hold prior to the move to reduce packing and moving expenses.


2. Really want to move a lot of stuff at your sale?
Tip: divide all your small items that you are selling for .25 cents to $5.00 into small or medium sized boxes.

  • Place a price tag on them that says i.e. $5.00 for all. You can have $2, $5, $10 and even $20 boxes. Do not misunderstand; you are not putting junk into the boxes. The items are all good but it’s an easy way to get rid of the small items that don’t sell so easily.
  • Mix in a few good tools with some home décor, candles, glasses, etc. you get the idea. You might not do this until later in the morning once you see how things are moving at your sale or you might add more to these boxes as the day goes on. And be prepared to slash your prices at your garage sale if you really want your items to move. Because if they do not move you will need to load up your vehicle and take them to a local charity which is a good thing but it’s more work for you.
  • Do not allow people to pick through and exchange items in other boxes. They must buy the entire box and its contents. Make the price low enough so they will take 2 or 3 boxes to get everything they want. This doesn’t mean breaking up sets of dishes; it just means adding other items that are not similar. Moving Innisfil and Garage Sales really do work!
This is a strategy that auctioneers use to help sell more items.

3. More valuable items can be sold through Consignment Stores, Used Book or Record Stores, Vintage Shops, eBay or Auctions. Auctions can be wonderful if you want it all done with ease.

4. Say NO to storage.

  • The longer items are out of sight out of mind, the less likely you will even remember what they are or why you kept them in the first place.
  • I do recommend a Portable Storage Container if you are staging your home for sale and you are removing excess pieces of furniture, etc. that you will use in your new home.
  • Portable Storage Container vs. traditional storage facilities. Add up your time, the increased cost of gas and the number of trips that you will make to a storage unit. And chances are likely that you will not get a unit that is conveniently located near the loading dock or the elevator. Add it up. It’s much more efficient to have a unit dropped on the driveway, packed at your convenience and removed before you list the home – it does not stay there while you sell your home. You will save a few dollars on monthly rental but it reeks this home is not big enough. Not a selling feature.


Make Moving Innisfil easy, simple and as stress free as possible.
Get rid of the excess stuff now that no longer serves you or your family.


This means all those items in your home, your garage
and your life that are no longer used, needed or loved!


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