Make a Christmas Wish Come True


Once Halloween is over it seems that Christmas is just around the corner. Some people have already started decorating their homes.

And many of you will be thinking about and planning your Christmas gift giving. What do I buy for the person who has too much or is just simply hard to buy for.

This year, I’m going to ask you to add a gift donation to your list. For those who are lonely and isolated during the holiday season.

I’m asking you to consider the Senior Wish Association in your gift giving plan.




Since 2011, Senior Wish has been reaching out to lonely and isolated seniors with programs that have genuinely impacted their quality of life. From granting a wish and sharing stories to gift giving and celebrating special occasions. Community support both at Christmas and throughout the year helps to restore a sense of purpose and value in the lives of our seniors.

Furthermore, there are many seniors who are without families at Christmas. Consequently, many have very little companionship, let alone a gift to open on Christmas Day.


A Senior Wish Association Makes a Difference!


As a result of their many fundraising initiatives, last year over 3,500 marginalized and lonely seniors in the Barrie area benefitted from Senior Wish.

Christmas Wish Donations Can Include:

  • new pyjamas
  • nightgowns
  • slippers
  • housecoats
  • cuddly stuffed animals
  • playing cards/games
  • music cd’s 
  • personal items like deodorant, hand lotion, face cream, soap
  • small boxes of cookies, candies and decadent chocolates.

Or anything you would to find in a Christmas stocking are gratefully accepted as are cash donations towards this project. 

In addition, some families and participants are ‘adopting’ one or two special Seniors and making up a complete package for the individual.

Above all, your donation helps to ensure no senior is forgotten.  Every dollar donated is spent with careful consideration and is used for the betterment of seniors in need this Christmas and throughout the year.  


For drop off locations please contact

Lucille Dalziel

Senior Wish Association



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