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Living Outdoors – Creating an Oasis

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | Outdoor Living | Patio Organization | 1 Comments

Living Outdoors has been fashionable for a very long time in Canada.

Living outdoors when I was a kid included a wooden picnic table, a few fold up lawn chairs and an in ground fire pit. Really just a hole in the dirt.

Adding indoor type decor like couches, cushions, coffee tables and area rugs to the backyard patio are all the rave now and becoming the norm.

And when you go shopping in the stores or look online there are some very nice pieces BUT many come with a big price tag.

The good news…

You don’t have to go out and buy all new things to dress up your living outdoors space.

Here are a few ideas to create an “outdoor living space.”

Our front lawn in Innisfil is a dessert. We face south and have full sun all day. It’s tough to get things to grow that don’t require lots of water and attention. Over the years we have created perennial gardens that look quite lovely. I add a few low maintenance pots of flowers for extra colour.

My husband loves cacti and 20 years ago he bought several small plants that fit easily inside our home. He has transplanted them several times and they are no longer 2” tall. And my home is small. So, I pared down things to make room for his growing cacti during the winter months. And as soon as the frost is gone about May 24th he places them outside. We created spots for them to fit in our gardens which you can see below.

You can do this with other tropical plants as well.
They thrive in the heat.

Mine stay outdoors for approximately 5 months each year.

You can also add your indoor hanging plants or pots anywhere you choose.

Living outdoors and adding simple things like candles, indoor/outdoor wall panels, baskets and so on, can be done without a great deal of work or expense. Check out a Home Sense store near your. They have some beautiful wall/fence décor for excellent prices as well as garden statues and more.

A few years ago, I needed to replace my patio table chairs. The table was still great so I went to JYSK and found chairs that worked great. My husband was comfortable in one and myself in another. I bought 2 of each and although they are not a matching set they look great and go together well with our current table.

Not everything needs to be matching.
Reuse or recycle what you can.

Tents, umbrellas, area rugs, pillows and even a fire pit can be added. Fire pits too have become popular but you can still find some that look nice, serve your purpose and do not break your budget.

You want a patio lounge set. Watch for those end of the season sales…amazing what you can find at 50% plus off the regular price. I have a friend working in a furniture store and she has a friend’s and family member wish list of the things we are all looking for.

Who do you know in that kind of job who would love to find you a great deal.
I’m sure they’d love your business.

Also, a deck storage box is a good investment. You can easily place cushions, candles, and other small pieces of décor that require a bit of TLC when not in use. In addition, It can also provide extra storage in the winter for your garden tools. I have seen several online ranging from $98-200.

If moving a few of your indoor plants and decor leaves your home feeling a bit bare, I’m sure with a bit of searching through the things you have tucked away that you can find something to fill those spots.

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