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Living Organized Intro to Selling Your Fashions

by : Mharlos | 22 Feb, 2021 | closet organization | Selling | 1 Comments

Living Organized
You have lots of really good clothes and you’d like to get some 💰 for them.

3 Steps to sorting out your very best clothes. AND, BTW, this is not just for the ladies. Men you can sell your clothes and accessories here as well. Don’t forget the kids clothes.

Create Three Piles…

Separate everything in your closet into 3 piles. The yes’s, the maybe’s and the no’s.

Struggling on how to complete this task – get my free closet report

You can donate or sell the no’s that are in good shape. You’d like to make a few dollars. Some of your clothes are really expensive. They’re designer name. They’re beautiful shoes, dresses, pants that you just don’t wear any more or that the kids or spouse doesn’t wear any more. Well, there is a new place in town (ONLINE) where you can sell it all. MarketPlace on Facebook has been a big go to lately but I do hear that it’s hard to sell clothes their. This site other things as well but the site appears to be designed mostly to fashion.

You can also buy and sell pet items-yes you can sell pets beds, fish supplies, your linens, bedding and more.

This is an awesome site to help you can google it for independent reviews. Always worth checking them out to make sure it’s the right site for you.

Great way to sell your things in a safe and secure manner.

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