Life – Changing Organizing Tips


Kudos to Marie Kondo for writing her book 10 Life-Changing Japanese Organizing Tips.

I love her book and all its life changing organizing tips. I’m a bit envious as they are techniques that I and many other professional organizers use often. And her clients wait 3 months for service. And I thought a 6 to7 week waitlist was great. Wow! She’s definitely doing something amazing.

When working with clients during the purge, I ask do you “love’ it? But better is does itspark joy.”

If you are a DIY person this book will work magic for you. I’m currently working with a client who was able to clear the excess clothes out of her closet using 10- Life-Changing Japanese Organizing tips with ease. So, for the rest of the house when she gets stuck I ask her does it “spark joy.” And her decision is then easily made. Check out the article at HGTV.

Happy Organizing!


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