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Laundry Room Storage Organization

by : Mharlos | 8 Feb, 2021 | Home Organization | Home Organization Solutions | Laundry Room Solutions | Laundry Solutions | 0 Comments

You open your laundry room storage cabinet(s) and everything is crammed into it. You have to take half the stuff out to get at or find what you need…FRUSTRATING!

laundry room storage

Seven Steps to help you get your laundry room storage organized.

1. Look in your home to see what you have on hand that will work.

It doesn’t have to be pretty of even matching. Unless you are working with open shelves or really want to create designer pretty. That is up to you.

I choose what is on hand, provided it fits well or I purchase inexpensive solutions that will get the job done. Spend your money on open shelves in living areas, home decor or on something fun for you and your family. Organizing can be a financial investment but does not need to break the bank.

2. Measure the cabinets(s). To see if what you have will fit in or before you go shopping. If going shopping write the measurements down – use your phone app i.e. notes.

3.Take a good look at what you have in the cabinets. I chose different height bins for the different products. 

laundry room storage

Some of this will be a bit of guess work but mostly it will depend upon you. How do you want things to function; the aesthetics and most important, how to you find what you need when you need it.

The pretty designer laundry room storage
is wonderful WHEN combined with function.

You have found or purchased what you need and are ready to get started.

4. Take everything out of the cabinet(s).

5. Purge all those things that have expired or you no longer use. Recycle all the containers. You will likely find that most items can be recycled.

6. Combine open products that are the same and eliminate the extra containers unless they can be reused for another purpose.

7. Place all items on the shelves where they work best for you and your family. The items on the first shelf (above Photo) are those used most often and with the lower bins you can see easily what each product is. Items on the 2nd shelf (photo above) contain extra soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste. And, yes the toilet paper is stacked in behind. In the vanity there is one drawer that holds about 15 large rolls of toilet paper and is next to the toilet for easy reach. (you’ve probably guessed by now that this laundry area is in the main bathroom in my home).

There is no right or wrong in organizing. Organizing is not about getting you organized-it’s about keeping you organized. And that means setting up your home to work for you and your family.

laundry room storage

And oops!

I forgot to mention the closets. If you’d like to organize your closets download my Free Closet Report for the How To Steps


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