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Kurt’s Home Organization Set Up

by : Mharlos | 20 Aug, 2019 | Home Organization Midland | Home Organization Setup | 0 Comments

Another Home Organization Midland Set Up Completed.

Most often it’s seniors new homes that we set up, however, this time, it was for a single dad and his 4-year old daughter.

Prior to moving into this house in Midland, Kurt lived in an apartment for several years and he put most of his possessions into storage. The basement was filled with boxes and bins of things that Kurt said he had not looked at in 10 years.

Most often, when you have things in storage or packed away for long periods it’s stuff that you do not need or has little importance. And, this was the case here.

Kurt is a very busy restaurant owner and works long hours. He spends the rest of his time with his daughter Kylie. They moved into this house 2 months ago and Kurt just wanted his home organization Midland set up completed.

We sorted through everything in the basement. Those items not being used in the house or were mementoes/heirlooms, we found them new homes.

50% of the Contents in the Basement were Sold or Donated

The rest was:

  • sorted
  • organized
  • placed in bins
  • and labeled.


Everything was placed in categories for easy access. For example, the skis, ski boots, and accessories were stored together. Subsequently, we did the same for all the family albums, schoolwork and precious memories that Kurt’s mother had so lovingly organized.

The same process was done in the garage:

  • Crib and change table donated
  • Bikes and shovels hanged on proper hooks 
  • Tools returned to their toolkits and

Most importantly, the SUV can now be parked in the garage!

We unpacked and set up the entire home which included:

  • hanging shower curtains
  • towel bars
  • blinds
  • curtains
  • Tv’s
  • Pictures and more


Kurt just wanted it done. Everything I chose was for a dad that required ease, simplicity and peace of mind. The builder left a wall outlet uncovered in Kylie’s room – we took care of that simple task as well.

Kurt has a cleaning lady who comes every week. He refers to her as his second mother. Mary is wonderful. She cleans, shops, does laundry and so much more. With Kurt gone she helped us with the decisions on his clothing. For instance, anything that she did not see him ever wear or knew was not his style we donated. Kurt was very pleased.

Therefore, when we needed a place to store the mops and brooms we set that system up with Mary’s needs in mind.

Kurt just wanted it all done so with my home staging training and experience I also placed the furniture, hanged the tv’s, pictures and placed his décor.

“Many thanks. My place now feels like home.”
KM, Penetanguishene, Ontario

Above all, we placed great emphasis on Kylie’s room. For example, not only did we hang the curtains and the blinds we added a bed frame plus a closet system and organized her toys, books and games. As we unpacked we found what we needed. And, I purchased the rest.

Home Organization Midland Set Up
As you can see in the photos a room fit for a Princess


home organization set up


Keeping in mind that Kylie is 4 years old, the closet system needed to be inexpensive and flexible. Therefore, I chose a system by Neat Freak that is only made for Walmart online. The reviews were good, the price was right and one of my staff already uses it in her home.

No Nails, Screws or Tools Required

Very simple to set up and loads of flexibility. When your child out grows this system, you can move it to any space in your home. In fact, you can use it in an adult’s closet too.


home organization set up


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