Kitchen Storage and Organization

Kitchen Storage and Organization

by : Mharlos | 11 Dec, 2020 | kitchen storage and organization | Storage Organization Products | 0 Comments

Kitchen Storage and Organization of your holiday, special occasion dishes and party platters that you don’t use on a regular basis can sometimes be challenging. I’ve found several items along with some accessories that can be  helpful.

This Damask China Storage Container Set is great for storing extra dishes and china. A little pricier than others on the market but it is,

  • Quilted For Extra Protection
  • Soil Resistant and,
  • Includes Plate Dividers


Kitchen Storage and Organization

This Honey Can Do Dinner Storage set is a little more affordable but it also holds less.


Kitchen Storage and Organization


It doesn’t come with plate dividers, however, there is an affordable solution.


China Storage Separator Pads provide a friction-free protection between pieces of delicate china to prevent damage. It’s a hassle-free storage solution for your porcelain, glass and china dinnerware. And can be used in with other china storage containers or on their own packed into a sturdy cardboard box or storage bin.


Kitchen Storage and Organization


You can also use them between dishes, pots and pans that you are stacking in your kitchen to prevent scratches.

More plate dividers to choose from


Kitchen Storage and Organization


Now, for your charger plates. A durable Storage Box helps to organize charger plates and china platters. It has handles, a removable lid, holds up to 12 large plates and has a viewing window.

Kitchen Storage and Organization

I’ve seen these items stored in hutches, however you can use them in your basement storage as well.

Kitchen Storage and Organization solutions can simply consist of a shelving unit that you’ve set up for storage purposes or built in wooden shelves. Any space can be utilized for storing all those out of season dishes and more. Even under stair cases.

Our home has a 5 foot crawl space which is easily accessed from inside the house. My husband built shelves that hang from the floor joists. Everything that is stored there is up off the ground which consists of crushed stone with plastic over it. The space contains everything from Christmas and seasonal décor to travel luggage and golf clubs.

Purchase some good storage solutions to protect your items and think outside the box on how you can store them in the space available to you.

My Specialty is Function and Small Space Solutions.


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