Kitchen Drawer Organizing

Kitchen Drawer Organizing Solutions

by : Mharlos | 8 Oct, 2020 | Home Organization | Home Organization Solutions | 0 Comments

Kitchen Organizing Solutions 

Kitchen drawer organizing got you feeling annoyed?  Every time you open your cutlery or utensil drawer and everything inside slides around. You now have utensils, egg lifters, measuring spoons and more all piled up.

I’m a natural organizer and I like things in their place so I can access them easily. And I do not enjoy doing things twice when not necessary. Therefore, I take the time to put everything in its place with like items. And, yes I get annoyed when everything in the drawer just moves on its own.

I was considering to buy adjustable drawer dividers. They make sense since they are adjustable which I love because they give me flexibility and I can use them in a different drawer later if and when my needs change.

However, I priced them across several big box and speciality stores online. When possible, I always do a pre-shop online before hopping in my truck and driving to several stores looking for items. I never made it to any stores. I was shocked to find these simple plastic dividers priced from $17-44 per pair.

Now, I do believe in investing in good quality items for my home.

However, I do feel spending this much money
on kitchen drawer organization is unwarranted.

I went to my local dollar store and bought a large roll of shelving liner for $4. You can buy smaller rolls for $2 but this size fit the depth my drawers and that meant only one cut. EASY. And, I have some left over. That is no big deal as I can use them in other spaces. Place them inside your cabinets and pot drawers to prevent dishes and pots from sliding around, inside pot drawers, in your vanity, the garage, storage shelves, etc. 

The sky is the limit on the amount of uses. And there is nothing to install. No glue, tape or tacks which means that it makes cleaning and removal a breeze. Tools include a measuring tape & scissors.

I love it – simplicity at its best!

Invest your money on good quality products where needed and save on simple kitchen drawer organizing with inexpensive, easy to install, no fuss, no mess solutions like this one.

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