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Just a Few Christmas Shopping Days Left!

by : Mharlos | 20 Jul, 2019 | Christmas | Christmas Shopping | 0 Comments

With just a few shopping days left,
the countdown to Christmas is on! 

The roads are crazy busy and the snow doesn’t help us out. The checkout line-ups are extra-long with Just 3 Christmas Shopping Days Left. Even the coffee drive thru is jammed packed as we just want to grab that coffee or hot chocolate to give us the extra little pep that we need to get through the last minute rush.

Here are five quick reminders to help get those last minute Christmas tasks done:

Step #1: Make a List of all your items that you need and all the tasks that you need to complete on this list.

Step #2: Check it Twice…take a walk through your home including the basement and garage to see that you didn’t miss anything. AND don’t forget the batteries for those toys and electronics that require them.

Step #3: Break everything into mini tasks. i.e. pick up gifts, decor, baking supplies, and so on.

Step #4: Mark Your Calendar. Schedule similar activities together to minimize the time you spend running back and forth. i.e. pick up dry cleaning when you go grocery shopping as it’s on the way.

Using a smart phone – set alerts to keep you on schedule. It can be very easy to get distracted when you something great to look at in the shops. Your alerts can help to keep you laser focused and keep overwhelm at bay with this simple reminder.

Step #5: Manage your time. Allow yourself enough time to complete tasks. A good rule of thumb for Christmas time is to give yourself an extra 25% more time than normal. Between busy traffic and longer than usual line ups you will need it.

An extra suggestionHire a baby sitter while you go out to do these tasks. How much quicker, easier, and over all less stressful for both you and the children. You won’t need to dress, buckle up and keep a watchful eye on them when the parking lots and stores are so crazy.


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