In Organizing there are NO Laws


When it comes to organizing laws there is no right or wrong way. Did you know that there are No Laws in organizing?

There’s no rule that says that sheets must go in linen closets. Some of my clients keep the sheets in the room where they are used i.e. the kid’s bedroom.

There is no rule that shirts can’t be folded and stored with shorts. Nor, do you don’t have to colour code your closet.  Or set it up in categories of pants, dresses and skirts. You make the rules.

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We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So, try keeping those items that you wear most frequently together with easy access.

You can do this anywhere in your home. If it makes sense for you then go ahead and create your new “system.


A system is just a way of finding everything

you need when you need it quickly and easily.

So, keep nail polish in the fridge, use an ice bucket as a vase and use your ice cube trays as jewellery or craft organizers. There is no right or wrong in organizing.

For children use a pot drawer in the kitchen to store cups, glasses and dishes that they can get out with ease. Therefore, making less work for mom and dad.

For seniors, do the same. Take all those things they use most often and place them in the pot drawers and lower cabinets. Therefore, it will remove the temptation to climb up on a chair or use a step ladder.


Keep it Simple!


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