In Home Organization – Touch Things Just Once


In Home Organization put items away now, rather than later. 

It is very tempting to put something down rather than putting it away in its designated place right that moment.

You tell yourself I will put it away later, but then life gets in the way. When later arrives and it will, you then realize that you have a large pile or several piles around the house to deal with.

And, you do spend and waste even more time going back and sorting through those piles and putting items away.


In Home Organization, I believe in touching an item only once 


That might feel impossible when you are tired, rushing to get dinner on the table. I do a lot of self talk with this to get it done – reminding myself that it will only take me a few seconds or a minute now. I tell myself get it done and you won’t have to bother with it later.

If you can, push yourself to get the item to its final destination in the moment you will save yourself time and grief.


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