Home Staging Reflects Your Pride of Ownership


When I started my business 11 years ago I found two top home staging recommendations to prepare your home for sale. And those top two have not changed.

1. De-clutter your home.

Find new homes for all those things that you will not be using in your new home or pass along to your family.
It costs more to pay the movers to put it on the truck and for you to deal with it later.

Hire a Professional Organizer now to avoid the overwhelm. The furniture and decor placement of the Home Staging is the easy part. Its all the excess clutter that is hardest to deal with. We have the experts in place who can help you sell those good items and put some money into your pocket.

• You don’t want to sell them. Give the items to a local charity.

Garbage, metal, wood, lumber, electronics, etc. get tossed into a waste bin that you can get delivered onsite. The government regulates these services. All items that can be recycled are sorted at a private transfer depot. Only garbage goes into the landfill.

Depersonalize your home. Potential buyers need to imagine their family photos and personal belongings in the home.

At Living Organized® we recycle approximately 95%
of our client’s belongings through the appropriate venues.

We are proud to work with trusted referral partners who help us to achieve this.

2. Clean your home – top to bottom.

• When you don’t clean your home it sends up red flags. Potential buyers question what else has not been well maintained like, the furnace, air conditioner, water softener.

The big stuff. If interested they’ll likely offer you less than your home is worth.

Hire a cleaning service after you de-clutter. It is another great investment in selling your home for top dollar.

Five benefits to home staging:

  • buyer’s decision is made within 5 seconds of walking into a home.
  • Homes that are staged sell four times faster than homes that are not – and most often for more money.
  • Today’s buyers will pay more for homes that are move in ready.
  • Home Staging works in both a buyers and sellers market.
  • The cost of staging your home is significantly less than having to drop the listing price of your home.

Home Staging Costs less than you think!

Your home is one of the largest personal investments you will ever make.

Show it with a pride of ownership.

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