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Home Staging & Painting Increase ROI

by : Mharlos | 23 Jul, 2019 | Home Staging | Moving | 0 Comments

Home Staging and painting increase your ROI.
And, most often go hand in hand when selling your home.

In home staging potential home owners want to see a move in ready home. Neutral colours throughout the home will allow potential home owners to see and feel that their belongings will look good in the home without a lot of work. Let’s be honestSelling and moving to a new home is a lot of work without having to deal with a paint job as soon as you move in.

And I am sold on getting a professional painter to do the job right for you.

Many people do great jobs when painting – others do not. And with everything else you have to do – work, raise your children, daily routines, chores and more…Do you really want to rush a Do-It-Yourself job on what is one of your largest investments.

A Professional paint job is a great Return on your Investment (ROI).

Let me introduce you to Bev Morgan of Fresh Look Painting in Barrie. Bev has been painting for my clients for the past 6 years and does an amazing job. I just had her provide an estimate for a home that is all plaster. When working with plaster you need an expert and Bev does a tremendous job on all those repairs. Not all painters are created equal. Be sure that your potential painter knows how to work with plaster and is exceptional at it.

Likely this does not apply to you. Why am I sharing this? This home staging project involves a house built only in the 1960’s. Yes, the 60’s – not a century home. You might know someone living in a subdivision that will require Bev’s knowledge and expertise.

For today, Bev is going to share painting tips with you for home staging to move and home staging for living:

Check for oil based paint before repainting.

You should always check if the current finish on your walls and trim are oil based or latex before repainting.

This is because latex (waterborne) paints will not stick to oil based paint without being treated with a “conversion” primer first.

The use of oil based paint has been recently discontinued; however there are lots of surfaces out there that have oil based paint on them.

Oil paints were popular with painters because of their smooth shiny finish, particularly on trim and doors.

If you paint latex directly over oil the paint will not stick. Even after the paint cures it can easily chip or flake in spots.

How to check:

To determine if a paint is oil use a soft cloth dabbed in an acetone based nail polish remover.

Rub lightly on the paint- if it comes off onto the cloth it is latex.
If it doesn’t come off easily and just becomes shinier it is oil.

When testing white paint you should choose a coloured rag so you can see the white paint on it.

If you find oil paint it can be painted; however you need to first use a “conversion” primer. Most of the manufacturers make a product for this purpose.

I use Benjamin Moore “Fresh Start”. One coat of the primer will prepare the surface to be painted with your choice of latex paint.

If you have painted latex over oil you
have a huge job on your hands to remove it.

I (Margaret Harlos) highly recommend hiring a professional painter.

You will need to remove the latex paint and start again with the conversion primer. Depending on the surface you may be able to remove by scrubbing with detergent but you may need to sand to get off stubborn areas.

The best advice is to always check before you paint.

Fresh Look Painting provides Complimentary, No Obligation Quotes for their clients.

Five benefits to home staging:
  • A buyer’s decision is made within 5 seconds of walking into a home.
  • Homes that are staged sell four times faster than homes that are not – and most often for more money.
  • Today’s buyers will pay more for homes that are move in ready.
  • Home Staging works in both a buyers and sellers market.
  • The cost of staging your home is significantly less than having to drop the listing price of your home.


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