home staging on a budget

Home Staging on a Low Cost Budget

by : Mharlos | 18 Jul, 2019 | Home Organization | Home Staging | 0 Comments

Home Staging is more important than ever with so much inventory on the market right now.

You don’t have to break the bank with home staging. Often I provide home staging on a budget. My client’s home just sold in 5 days and for close to asking price. They didn’t add rental furniture or do any major repairs. The biggest amount of work was in decluttering the home. And the house was cleaned – top to bottom.

There were a few decorating touches done and voila!

And this house is not one that you would see in a designer magazine. An average home in Barrie with lots of potential.

Many people do not want to shell out a lot of money to professionally stage their home to sell. But ultimately you want your home to show as move in ready.

Here are 12 home staging on a budget tips to help you:

1. Clear away the clutter. Start packing now. Those things you are keeping but are not required during this transition box up, label and store away.

2. Make the house sparkle. This means windows, bathtubs, tiles, sinks, countertops, sinks, baseboards, and dust the light fixtures. Make sure you get all the cobwebs and dust bunnies.

3. Polish the wood cupboards with Murphy oil.

4. Hardwood floors. Give them a new lustre with Restor-A-Finish.

5. Show off your laundry space. Surprisingly, a fresh, inviting and organized laundry area impresses buyers. Hide all your laundry products and cleaning supplies in a cupboard or store neatly on a shelf.

6. Add new light fixtures. This is an easy and inexpensive update for your home. Avoid brassUnder-cabinet lighting in the kitchen is affordable and makes countertops sparkle. Pendant lights show off that kitchen island or wall sconces to illuminate a foyer.

Also, make sure light bulbs are working.

Put in the highest wattage possible
so that the rooms are nice and bright.

During the day open all the window coverings so the natural light can come in. If you have shutters, of course, you will want to show them off. So, leave them closed and just turn them so the light filters through into the room(s).

7. Pick a focal point for each room. For example, the focal point of a bedroom is usually the bed, and for a music room, it’s the piano. If you have a beautiful view of your backyard, the forest, lake, etc. make sure that view can be seen with a clean/clear view. Above all, you want to show off your money maker spaces-inside or out.

8. Harwood Floors. Hardwoods are on most buyers’ wish. If carpets need to be replaced consider this option or a high quality laminate. There are many affordable options to choose from. Check out discount wood stores in your area. If you are getting a professional installer talk with him before buying. Likely, he can get a discount through his distributor and will pass the savings onto you.

9. Dirty carpets. Call the experts for a professional clean.

10. Add an area rug to bring in a splash of colour and define a space even on top of a carpet.

11. Call a professional tile company to freshen up ceramic tile grout. If you are a  DIY person, use grout renew.

And finally, 

12. Paint. If your home needs painting, go neutral with Historic Colours. As a result, this is likely one of your greatest returns on investment when selling your home. Furthermore, it’s now move in ready! 

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