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Home Staging Myths and Truths

by : Mharlos | 18 Jul, 2019 | Decluttering | Home Staging | 0 Comments

When it comes to Home Staging Myths and truths, one thing is for certain everyone has a different view on the importance of home staging.

Simply put, home staging is about maximizing your home’s potential. Therefore, your home will appeal to as many potential buyers to view what is likely one of, if not your biggest investment.

And buyers will pay more for “move in ready” homes.

First of all, this is done by preparing your home to ensure that it is market ready. And market ready includes making your home look its best in an online presence including MLS and other real estate directories.

5 Home Staging Myths

1. Home Staging is only for Elite Homes
Every property should be presented well for sale. Home Staging is about presenting a property so that it appeals to the most potential buyers. It doesn’t matter whether the property is a condo, townhouse, semi-detached or single dwelling home. Nor the value of your home. It is all relevant.

In Home Staging you make your house look it’s best. Above all, your home should be de-cluttered, cleaned and painted if necessary.

2. Home Staging and Interior Redesign/Decorating are the same
Some of this is terminology and how a business owner decides to use it.

I do Interior Redesign to help people make their homes look nice and function for their families. Also, known as Staging for Living or Home Staging for Staying.

I had my home renovated just over 2 years ago and I staged it for staying. Yes, I chose paint colours that are often used for selling. Because, I liked them. I tend to pick colours and furnishes that will stand the test of time. Home Staging Myths include that professionals homes are perfect and always ready. My house is beautiful and I created function that will help my home sell in the future. Having said that, my home is not move in ready.  How I live in my home and where I have placed a few things would not work well for selling. PLUS, don’t forget all those personal photos. So, most likely we all have work to do if we want to sell our homes.

The most important thing here is to 
find the right Home Stager for you. 

It is as important as getting the right handyman or plumber. Not all stagers offer the same services. Certainly, you will need to do your research.

And, for agents someone that you can build a trusting relationship with and you can refer to your clients is an Add Value.

3. Home Staging is too Expensive for Most Homeowners
Staging a property can be very affordable compared to the return on investment. For those with very limited budgets a Do-It-Yourself staging consultation can give you the direction and focus to improve your property for a minimal fee.
People are searching the internet to determine which houses they’d like to view with their agents.Therefore, your home has to be beautifully presented to get people to look at it and this includes curb appeal.

4. Home Staging is Only for Vacant Property
No, Home Staging is for any property. It’s about maximizing the value of a property.

For vacant properties, furnishings can add the appeal that connects the buyer and helps them ‘fall in love’ with the property. With less than 10% of people being able to visualize a furnished space it can make all the difference in how they perceive a property.

5. Home Staging is Not Necessary when the Market is Hot
Properties sell fast in a hot market, particularly when stock is limited. Question is, wouldn’t you want to get an even higher return on your investment by creating more interest in your property?

A Few Benefits to Home Staging:
  • A buyer’s decision is made within 5 seconds of walking into a home.
  • Homes that are staged sell four times faster than homes that are not – and most often for more money.
  • Today’s buyers will pay more for homes that are “move in ready.”
  • Home Staging works in both a buyers and seller’s market.
  • The cost of staging your home is significantly less than having to drop the listing price of your home.


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