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Home Staging Makes Your Home Stand Out

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | Downsizing | Home Staging | 1 Comments

Why home staging makes your house standout.

There are usually several homes that are identical or very similar in appearance and layout to your home in your neighbourhood. Home staging makes your home stand out from your neighbour’s and here is why.

Recently, I worked with a Barrie couple to prepare their beautifully upgraded home for sale. A few days into the project their neighbour decided they too would sell their home but privately. My client was a little upset about the competition. After a brief discussion I learned that the home 2 doors away did not match my client’s home with the exception of the listed price, which was more.

My client’s home sold in four days. Six weeks later the neighbour’s home was still on the market.

Here are four home staging tips to help prepare your home for sale:

1. De-clutter your home.

  • Find new homes for all those things that you will not be using in your new home.
  • Depersonalize your home. Potential buyers need to imagine their family photos and personal belongings in the home.
  • Hire an organizer now to avoid the overwhelmDownsizing your home now will save you money.
  • Have a disposal bin delivered to handle all the Garbage, metal, wood, lumber, electronics, etc. All items that can be recycled are sorted at a private transfer depotOnly garbage goes into the landfill.


At Living Organized we recycle approximately 95%
of our client’s possessions through the appropriate venues.


2. Clean your home – top to bottom.

  • When you don’t clean your home potential buyers question what else has not been well maintained like, the furnace, air conditioner, water softener.


3. A buyers first impression starts at the curb.

  • Shovel the snow.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Pull the weeds.
  • Trim back hedges and shrubs.
  • Store garbage bins.
  • Make necessary repairs.
  • Paint the doors and trim.
  • Use hanging pots and planters near the front door or along the walk way.
  • If your front yard is in major need of grass or repairs, invest some money here to get full value for your home. And finally,


4. Remove all Pets from the Home for Viewings.

Several years ago, I staged a home that was beautiful and it was expected to sell quickly. 2 weekends in a row the realtor ran an open house. I was surprised when I drove by and saw the listing sign. I called the client to find out that potential buyers were complaining they smelled cat urine in the home. The house was spotless and we had the carpets shampooed twice. The homeowner refused to take her cat out of the home during the viewings. Although the home was spotless, having the cat and its crate in the furnace room planted seeds in people’s minds. She finally agreed to take the cat to her son’s. There was one more open house the following weekend and the home sold and for almost the asking price.

Benefits to Staging your Home to Sell:
  • buyer’s decision is made within 5 seconds of walking into a home.
  • Homes that are staged sell four times faster than homes that are not – and most often for more money.
  • Today’s buyers will pay more for homes that are move in ready.
  • Home Staging works in both a buyers and sellers’ market.
  • The cost of staging your home is significantly less than having to drop the listing price of your home.


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