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Home Staging is Not Always What You Think

by : Mharlos | 10 Sep, 2020 | Home Staging | Real Estate Staging | 0 Comments

Home Staging can cost you less than you think.

When home staging Barrie we often think that it means spending thousands of dollars to get your home ready for sale. And, that we have to remove your furnishings and bring in rental furniture. Or do a complete home redesign to get it ready for the real estate market.

When home staging a vacant property it is strongly recommended that you hire a home staging Barrie professional to create a plan to stage your home. And yes, bring in rented furniture and home decor.

You do not need to stage every room in the home. Just the principal rooms. Like the kitchen, bath, master bedroom and living room/family room. This also depends upon the size and the layout of the home.

Most homes I stage are not vacant. They are filled often with too much stuff. So, we pare it downchoosing the best of the best of what you currently own. And, there are lots of little inexpensive tricks that can update your home without breaking your bank account if needed.

Here is an example of a home that I prepared recently for the real estate market.

It was an older town home that needed a new kitchen but one was not recommended as they would not get a good ROI (return on investment). They had some lovely upgrades done over the last few years that will help their home sale like replacing all the carpets with a nice quality laminate and paint throughout the home. They also updated the bathroom. BUT, the home was still not ready as it was just too full.

So here is what we did:

  1. Rented a small locker nearby for those items that the home owner would be keeping for their new home, however did not need now.
  2. Pared down the kitchenThis included all those items on top of the upper cabinets plus the interior or the cupboards. Some things were donated. Others were packed away and those things they need now were re-organized into the kitchen cupboards.

home staging barrie

  1. Re-organized the small kitchen so that it had better function. This means very little on the surfaces and changing around small appliances. I didn’t make this family suffer without the daily things that are important to them. These were placed strategically for their use.

home staging barrie

  1. Cleared all the surfaces in the master bedroom. Expensive jewelry was stashed. The closets were pared down and re-reorganized. Clothes never to be worn again were donated and out of season clothing packed for the storage locker.

home staging barrie

Yes, décor had to be selected as well as bedding and linens but, from what the client owned.

When home staging Barrie you really want to make sure that whatever work you do in your home that is a good ROI (Return on investment).

Yes, kitchens and baths sell homes… BUT,

Before ripping out your entire kitchen talk to a real estate expert.

Home Staging doesn’t need to be expensive. I can guide you through this process so that you can do some of the work yourself or with your family. My clients had homework to do before I arrived. They did those tasks that they knew how to do and felt they could do.

I then came in and helped Erin do the work that she was struggling with.

In just 4 hours we were able to work together to do the final spaces and get this home ready for the real estate market.  And, the home sold in less than a week.

Don’t let the words home staging scare you. Often, the number 1 thing to do is to clear the clutter.

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