Home Staging at Christmas

Home Staging at Christmas – Right or Wrong?

by : Mharlos | 26 Nov, 2019 | Home Staging | moving and downsizing | 0 Comments

Home Staging at Christmas – Is it the right or wrong thing to do?

My clients beautiful home in Barrie is on the market. 

This lovely couple are super organized in every space including the storage and laundry/sewing room. The home is tastefully decorated with updated furnishings. A little de-personalizing made it market ready.

They have found a wonderful condo overlooking Barrie’s beautiful Kempenfelt Bay. The condo is luxurious and has great views of the entire waterfront and downtown Barrie. The building has a pool, sauna, hot tub and exercise room. It also has a library, craft room, party room plus a guest suite that you can rent. I love it! Decorate the party room to entertain your family/friends.

Yes, there is cleanup but somehow it seems easier than having everyone in your home. You might be thinking this de-personalizes things. Perhaps – it’s all perspective. It’s certainly easier for people as they get older. And, I believe that when you do it this way it’s even easier to engage people in bringing food and helping with clean up afterwards.

But, for now back to my client’s home that is “move in ready.”

The house is beautiful and approximately 3,800 square feet finished with a walkout basement to a backyard haven. If you love quiet and enjoy nature this is the place for you. Check out the photos on the MLS.

Although the house is move in ready my clients are not move out ready. Family members have spoken for some of their possessions. Items in the garage were organized and family members were asked to come by on a specified date to take the items they wanted. All the rest will be sold at auction once the house sells.

I visited the condo and worked with the homeowners to create
a moving and downsizing plan to make this life transition stress free.

They have 3,800 square feet of finished living space and are moving to a 1,900 square foot condo. That is a good sized condo, however, keeping in perspective ½ of their current living space. Plus, no garage/loft – just 2 parking spaces that can only be used for cars. And the locker is 4 x 6 so not a lot of storage space. It will hold the essentials like Christmas & seasonal décor, luggage, etc. Those items you do not need frequently.

95% of the items in your home will sell at an online auction. 

They take possession of the condo November 30th but will have painting and some minor renovations completed before they move in January. They have not and will not be decorating their home for the holidays. It will remain de-personalized and move in ready during the holidays. Something to think about.

There are 2 ways of looking at home staging for Christmas.

  1. You could decorate it elegantly and make it a warm inviting space for potential home buyers.
  2. Or you could decide to take the simpler route and forgo the Christmas décor this year as my clients have done. They decided that they have enough work to do with downsizing and moving preparations so, Christmas décor has been sorted, purged and repacked for the storage locker.

Imagine all the work involved with decorating for the holidays that you wouldn’t have to do. Some people decide not to put their home on the market until after the new year. But in this case they found their dream condo so their home was quickly put up for sale.

I find especially as people get older that when something they are looking is found that they need to act fast.

So, the Question:

Home Staging at Christmas. Do you put your home on the market during the biggest holiday of the year? And, do you decorate and celebrate Christmas in your current home for the very last time?

The Answer:

It depends upon you; your likes/dislikes, your age and your situation.

I don’t; believe there is a right or wrong in this situation. I celebrated my clients choice not to decorate for the holidays and I can celebrate your decisions with you.

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