Home Staging and painting Bradford

Home Staging and Painting

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Home Staging and Painting 

Home Staging and Painting Bradford – Home Stagers look at neutral colours to help invite the most number of potential buyers to see your home. Many potential buyers preview homes on the MLS before even contacting their real estate agent to arrange a viewing.

So bright colours like vibrant red, princess pink and little boy blue paint colours will not appeal to everyone.

The majority of painters will spend about 80% of their time prepping the walls and about 20% in the actual painting. Think about this considerably when wanting to paint your home yourself.

professional paint job is going to stand out
from the average homeowner’s DIY job where you can
see the flaws and blemishes on the walls after it is done.

A few years ago, I provided a home staging quote in Bradford where the home was quite elegant with hardwood floors, porcelain tiles, granite counters and an island in the brand new kitchen. It was painted in beautiful neutral colours – the flaw– the grand entrance to the home. When I walked in the first thing that jumped out were the bumps, lines and fluffs from the last paint job. And the homeowner said that there was no way her husband would paint that area when moving…wrong answer.

You need to do everything possible to attract
the most potential buyers into your home.

Most buyers want a move in ready home. Home Staging and Painting Bradford are essential to this. If your home is a fixer upper – have your real estate agent price it accordingly and find a buyer who wants a fixer upper. But, I’m pretty sure that this is not you!

The goal is to create a relaxing and appealing
environment that buyers find welcoming.

Here are a few guidelines to follow for colours:

And for those home owners not selling, some helpful tips on how to re-dress your home.

I suggest that on the large surfaces you choose neutrals which are great for background colours and can be used in virtually every room in the home.

Helpful Tip: All the big paint companies now produce a range of Historic colours. The majority of these colours are in fact neutrals. These include those less brilliant colours from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era. It might sound limiting, but your options here are endless.

My suggestion is to use naturals like,
very light beige, cream, stone, bone, and ecru,
magnolia, off whites, light and medium greys.

Liven up these naturals by using brighter colours as the accent colours in the home.

Add interest with texture, lighting, art and accessories. Use throw pillows and cushions in more brilliant colours as well as vases and lamp shades to create warmth and add a hint of drama to rooms.

Keep patterns to smaller, simpler pieces as well. Again, cushions, throws, artand area rugs.
Too many patterns in one space soon become Visual Clutter and can reduce the feel of the space in a room.

I recommend a maximum of 4 or 5 wall colors in a three-bedroom house when painting the entire home. Sheen: Eggshell

I don’t recommend High Gloss except possibly for the front door. If the home is brick, pay attention to how the front door complements the brick. Pick a color that sets off the front door (the focal point).

For ceilings, I recommend Decorators White or Oxford White. They work well with any walls or trim. Sheen: Flat

All bathrooms should be painted the same colour. Sheen: Pearl for Walls
For kids bedrooms use Pearl as well.

Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors should be painted in Satin or Semi-Gloss.

Dark rooms can appear dingy to homebuyers. The darker the colour, the less light it reflects. So, if the room already looks too dark, pick a new lighter colour.

Keep all the doors and trim the same colour throughout the home’s interior— it’s easier to paint, and it pulls the house together. Use a subtle white that works best with the palette of room colours you’ve selected. Sheen: Semi-Gloss


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