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Home Staging a Vacant Property

by : Mharlos | 24 Sep, 2020 | Home Staging | Real Estate Staging | 0 Comments

Home Staging a Vacant Property

Home Staging Innisfil doesn’t always mean that you need to bring in rental furniture. Sometimes the home will sell on its own quickly depending upon the neighbourhood and the price point.

However, if you are in a neighbourhood with similar homes for sale that are furnished and you would like to list your home at a comparable price, you will need to stage your home.

Vacant properties show every little blemish there is. And, no home is perfect EVER! However, leaving the home as a blank canvas can be a big turn off.

Talk to a real estate expert or two and get the facts on your home.

Last year I was called in to complete a home staging Innisfil project where the home previously sold and the offer fell through at the last minute. The home owner had purchased a new home and the movers were in place. Therefore, they continued with their move, leaving the current unsold home and empty. Also, they were not in a position to carry 2 homes for an extended period. 

So, I was called to help. The house was in an area of nice homes for sale that were all beautifully decorated. And, the home owners had an amount they wanted for the home that was comparable to those that were furnished. It was freshly painted, had a gorgeous chef’s kitchen, nice bathrooms and a walk out to a backyard oasis.

As a result, the home needed to be staged.

I created a plan to furnish and decorate the principal rooms in the home. For example, the kitchen, living room, family room, master bedroom and ensuite bath. 

The master bedroom was over sized so I created a sitting area that would give the adults in the home a private space to relax in.

home staging innisfil

Pictures were hanged on the walls throughout. Towels and linens provided, plus home décor and accent pieces added to the kitchen and other rooms. All these items are provided by Living Organized. A few companies that specialize in home staging Innisfil provided the rental furniture. Selection of the furniture is done by me.  The company delivers it, place it according to the plan and pick up when the house sells. 

home staging innisfil

By the way, the home sold in 4 days!

I returned to the home, packed up all my belongings as well coordinated the furniture removal.

In this situation I didn’t meet the home owner. They were nearby but were quite busy so they went with the referral they received and hired me. All communication was done by phone, text and email including the signing of the contract. And, a secure link was provided to receive credit card payments.

Home Staging Innisfil can be a great ROI (return on investment). Your home is likely one of your biggest assets and you want to receive top dollar for it.

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