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Home Staging – A Minimalism Perspective

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Home Staging – Minimalism

I know that we have heard a lot about living a minimalist lifestyle recently. Home Staging – Minimalism is downsizing with a new name. 

In Home Staging people want to walk into your home and see it looking like the photos on Pinterest. DON’T STOP READING…you love your home and by minimizing the number of things in your home you can make your home look like the photos on Pinterest.

And, your home will appeal to many potential buyers.

Photos are mostly taken from the best view. Keep the perspective when you are looking at all those great photos. And, toss out the attitude that your home cannot look that good.
Because, it can!

I live in a 1,200 square foot ranch bungalow in Innisfil with no basement. No spectacular Scarlett O’Hara stair case or grand chandeliers with cathedral ceilings. But my quaint bungalow looks as good as any of the photos you see in Pinterest and some of the home magazines. 

And, yours can too.

Here are five home staging – minimalism tips to help prepare your home for resale:
  1. First of all, De-clutter. Get rid of all the garbage. Anything that cannot be sold, given to charity or recycled goes to the dump. I try to avoid throwing things into the landfills, however, if it is garbage then treat it as such. Call a garbage removal company if necessary.
  • Pack items that you are not currently using.You need to be really brutal about the paring down.
  • Rent a storage unit off site (if absolutely needed) or call a company that delivers portable storage units to pack all of your excess furniture and belongings that you want to keep but do not need or can live without for nowCubeit delivers it to your drive way, stores during the sale of your home and will return it to your new home for you or your professional organizer to unpack when you take possession.
  • Pare down cupboards, vanities, closets, storage areas to show maximum space.

This is a good time to re-evaluate how many items in your home are truly useful and used. Downsizing now makes more sense and saves you time and money. Do not take anything to your new home that is of no value and will not be used by anyone living in the home.

In addition, when paring down your stuff:
  • Sell anything of value – contact me for referrals to the best auctioneers for you.
  • Donate to charity.
  • Drop off Electronics including fax machines, computers, monitors at a local electronics bin or station in your area.
  • For all your dead batteries, visit call2recycle to find a location near you.
  • Remove all excess packed boxes, suit cases and furniture not being used to stage the home.
Each room should be featured and decorated
for the original purpose that it was designed.
  • Clear out the garage.
  • De-personalize your home.
  • Replace personal photos with pictures and décor that appeal to almost anyone.
  1. Clean your home from top to bottom.
  2. The Painting. The goal is to create a relaxing and appealing environment that buyers find welcoming.

    Helpful Tip: All the big paint companies produce a range of Historic colours often used for Home Staging.

Paint doors and trim the same throughout the home’s interior. This pulls the house together.

  1. Don’t forget about the curb appeal or the lack thereofIt is not uncommon for people to drive away when the house doesn’t look nice from the street or potentially begin to think “price drop.”

When Home Staging remember, a buyer’s first impression is made within 5 seconds of walking into your home.

More accurately…it is made from the curb.

Several years ago, we looked at a home that viewed great in the photos on the MLS. When we drove up to the open house my husband saw my jaw drop. He said, “We don’t need to look at this one.” I said, “It’s okay. It’s only the curb appeal- let’s go in.”

Of course, I’m thinking how I can use this to negotiate a lower price. I knew that chances were the inside of the house would need work too. And it did. Therefore, the listing was pulled from the MLS.

AND, this homeowner became my client. Although it wasn’t the right house for us, we turned this house into a home that was easy for others to fall in love with.

Here is what one happy couple had to say:

“Thank you for helping us come to grips with the reality of selling our house. With your advice we sold the house in a week. What a difference it makes when all that stuff you think you need is no longer here.” –Ron & Amanda – Innisfil, Ontario

No matter the season make your home look inviting from the curb.

Nine very simple home staging tasks to help prepare your home sale:
  • Shovel the snow.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Pull the weeds.
  • Trim back hedges and shrubs.
  • Store garbage bins.
  • Make necessary repairs.
  • Paint the doors and trim.
  • Use hanging pots and planters near the front door or along the walk way.
  • If your front yard is in major need of grass or repairs, invest some money here to get full value for your home.
  1. And finally, remove all pets from the home for viewings.

About 10 years ago, I staged a beautiful home that was expected to sell quickly. Two weekends in a row the realtor ran an open house.

I was shocked when I drove by and saw the listing sign-and it had not sold!

Potential buyers were complaining they smelled cat urine in the home. The house was spotless and the carpets were professionally shampooed twice.

Initially, the homeowner refused to take her cat out of the home during the viewings. Although the home was spotless, it seems like having the cat and its crate in the furnace room planted seeds in people’s minds.

She then agreed to take the cat to her son’s. Finally, just one more open house the following weekend.  As a result, the home sold and very close to the asking price.

Five benefits to home staging when selling your home:
  • A buyer’s decision is made within 5 seconds of walking into a home.
  • Homes that are staged sell four times faster than homes that are not – and most often for more money.
  • Consequently, Today’s buyers will pay more for homes that are move in ready.
  • Furthermore, Home Staging works in both a buyers and seller’s market.
  • Especially relevant, the cost of staging your home is significantly less than having to drop the listing price of your home.

Most of all, how much will it cost you to show your home at its full potential andreceive the greatest Return on your Investment?

Make the best use of your time and money. Do the work you can and spend the rest of your budget in hiring professionals.

A Home Staging Professional can recommend reputable services as required and take care of all the details.

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