Home Renovation – Packing to Stay or Move


I promised to let you know how things are going on our home renovation project.

Our home renovation is complete.  Finally and now just the final decorating touches.

You do not need to be packing to move or packing up your home for a home renovation to benefit from these tips. These are simple tasks that can all be done under 30 minutes from beginning to end.

Here are 3 very short how to videos to show how simple it is to purge and pack your home.

In addition, in the first video you will see items on the counter top that were removed from 2 cupboards.

You can choose to do one cupboard, one closet, one vanity, one drawer or decide to do just your bank of kitchen drawers in one session. My point…

It doesn’t all have to be done in a day.

Step One – Book 30 minutes to go through the space you have chosen to start with.

Step two – Get your:

  • Recycling bin or clean bags
  • Garbage can or bag
  • Boxes or bags for giving away, selling or donating to a local charity.

Step three
Label boxes or bins. Examples:

  • Giving – and the person’s name
  • Donating – Charity name. You might make a call to the Clothes Line to schedule a pick up.
  • Sell –name of the store where you will sell Adult Clothing/Items.
  • Sell –name of the store where you will sell Children’s Clothing/Toys.
  • Keeper items – label the box with it’s contents. For moving items to a new location add more packing paper, especially to fragile items.

I was working with a client this summer who contributed many items to a local charity but she also chose to sell some of her items to local upscale second hand stores. She said that she would only get $2 or $3 for many of the children’s items but remarked “it all adds up.” As a result of those sales she put that money towards my services that helped her with this project. Don’t let the small amount you will receive per item deter you from selling clothing, toys, shoes, books, games, etc. that are in great shape.

It does all add up!


The children’s items that went out of the home added up to a few hundred dollars alone. Now, that is a lot of stuff that her children have mostly grown out of and no longer need, use or love.

Some items were packed and labeled for her son i.e. classic story books and toys.

The choice is yours. Whatever method(s) you decide to use it removes items that are no longer useful to you and your family and new homes are found for these items where they will be used, needed and loved.

Stay Tuned for more

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