Home Organizing – Where to Start? Part 1

I was having a chat with one of my readers recently about home organizing. She shared that she follows all my home organizing tips to help her organize and maintain her home and home office. I feel blessed and filled with gratitude.

It’s always nice to hear people say they enjoy reading my home organizing tips and find their feedback helpful.

She told me that she was stuck with a basement full of things to deal with and just doesn’t know where to start.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving, downsizing or just trying to make your existing space work for you – Keep it Simple!

Let’s begin with the first 4 home organizing steps.

Suggestion: Take some before pictures so later you can see what you have achieved.

1. Start with those items that have no sentimental value. Leave the heirlooms, the kids school and art work for another day (coming in part two). Sort those items like toiletries and silverware. The items that you know you just have too many of, you do not care about and can part with.

While organizing, ask yourself these questions:

Have I worn or used this item in the last year? And I’m not asking you to get rid of the Christmas sweaters and outfits you wear once per year. Just those never worn in the last year or the season that has just past.

Have I used it in the last 6 months? Same as above. The party platters and décor used quarterly – keep if you love and make use of them.

How many of these same items do I really need? I often find that containers are like my clothes – I use my favourites.

2. Sell what you can. There are always garage sales if you are up to it. Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay are options if you don’t mind to deal with all the emails, texts, calls, etc. and strangers coming to your home.

If you want it simple here are two options that I highly recommend for your greatest ROI. MaxSold.com and 1st Choice Auctions and Appraisals.

3. Donations – place in clear bags and put in the trunk of your car. Or better yet on the seat beside you so that you can see it. The visual clutter will nag at you untill you stop at a local church or charity.

4. Old computers, printers, etc. Drop off at an e-waste bin in your neighbourhood. To drop off batteries (YES, Drop Off – they do not go into the garbage) visit call2recycle for a location near you.

Now that the clutter is cleared you can focus on the kid’s artwork,
your heirlooms, sports equipment – the things that you need, use and love!

Coming in Part Two


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