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Home Organization TV Show Interview

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Watch my home organization TV show interview in Barrie from when I was on This Kind of Life” last Spring as I demonstrated home organization tips to Simplify your life.

Click here to see my Home Organization TV Show Interview 


Beginning in the kitchen.

1. Pot lid stands can also be used to hold Tupper ware lids, baking trays and cutting boards. Place this system in a cupboard or a pot drawer. This prevents the items from being tossed into the cupboards, having to pull out several things to get the ones that you want.

2. Use baskets to store open pouches of things like gravy mixes or spices. If they are not in a zip lock pouch place them in a zip lock bag and place them into a bin or into a plastic container that might have lost its lid and is no longer useful for anything else.

3. Recycle glass containers for tea, pasta, rice, and more. 20 years ago, I purchased a set of glass canisters for coffee, sugar, etc. About 15 years ago I stopped using them for that purpose but I kept them. They are used for tea bags, pasta, rice, flour and more. I like a clear counter so I store mine in the cupboard.

Before you throw everything out you’re not using for
its original purpose; think about how you might use it in
other ways within your home organization – not just the kitchen.

I use plastic bins to hold granola bars. I can fit 3 boxes of granola bars in one bin. It takes up less space and prevents half eaten or empty boxes taking up valuable space in my pantry.

4. Handling mail – have one bin for the mail including the junk mail to be tossed into. Yes, you have to go through it but this avoids having piles of mail around your home. You can sort through it while cooking dinner.

Onto the bathrooms and closets

5. Bathrooms – Many bathrooms even when there are two or three in the home I find that they are short on drawers, if they have any at all. I suggest binsto hold items. Place shelf organizer in the vanity to hold additional items or baskets. Give each member a basket to hold all their personal items. Use decorator boxes to hold personal items that need to remain on the counter or an open shelf. When people come to visit the boxes look nice and helps with your home organization.

6. Closets – keep only seasonal items in your closet if you are short on space. Rather than using bins which are large and take up lots of storage space I recommend space bags for clothes, extra towels, blankets, They keep out odours and dust and shrink to pancake size. They can be placed under the bed, on the top shelves in the closets or in the basement storage. (link to my closet report plus internal blogs throughout)

7. Sheets – Put the matching set together in one of the pillow cases. Place on the linen closet shelf or in the bedroom closet they belong if the linen closet is full.

And lastly, extra closet shelfs. Yes, you can add an upper extra shelf to any closet in your home. Even in homes with 8-foot-high ceilings there is space in closets for another upper shelf. On these shelfs you can place those space bags, out of season shoes, blankets and other items used less frequently.

Home Organization can simplify your life and be easy on your budget. Shop in your home first to see what you can re-use or re-purpose to a space that it was not designed for.

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