Easy Home Organization Solutions


Here are 4 more Simple Home Organization Solutions from
my Living Organized 101 Series.

Whatever your home organization storage needs are, these solutions are inexpensive, flexible, and require no installation at all.

The extra lower rack is great for young kids to hang up their items that they wear most often. Also, you can remove the rack when they outgrow the system or just use it differently somewhere else in your home. The worst possible scenario is that you recycle it to someone else.
And often used in adult closets to hang just about anything you like.

Over the Door Organizers
Great for bathrooms short on vanity space or a linen closet. They can hold everything from – Q-tips, face cloths, make-up pads, band-aids, brushes and most important, our hair dryers.

home organization

Ties, Belts and Accessories



home organization
Sweater and Purse Dividers

These dividers hook onto any shelf and help to keep things neat and from falling over or off the shelf when you are reaching for them.



home organization

For purses
, if you have the space you can also hang them using shower hooks as seen below or just from a heavy duty hanger. Most of all, on elf these home organization solutions prevents them from becoming crumpled and damaged.


home organization

These solutions are great for any space.


I often recommend these home organization solutions to seniors when they are downsizing to retirement homes and condos where space may be limited.

Also for those living in apartments or student residences these solutions are ideal.

In the 18 years after I left my parents home and until I met my husband and settled in Innisfil, I moved many times. From living in studio and basement apartments to shared accommodations and student dormitories. Consequently, the spaces were small.

Learning the art of using space creatively became essential. And I did so as cheaply as possible since no 2 spaces were the same. The chances of all my home organization solutions working in another space were highly unlikely. I sold, donated and purchased many great items at upscale second hand stores and garage sales in executive neighbourhoods. I’ve found amazing home organization items that had only been used a few times or brand new and in the original packaging.


You get the picture. The sky is the limit in home organization.
Keep it Simple, Flexible and Inexpensive.
Enjoy your Organizing Journey!


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