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Home Organization Solutions with a Twist

by : Mharlos | 18 Jul, 2019 | Home Organization | Home Organization Solutions | 0 Comments

When it comes to home organization solutions one of my biggest pet peeves is shoes scattered all over the front entranceway.

This is especially common in homes where there is only a small closet next to the front door or even worse – no closet at the front door. Therefore, you are always trying to find solutions to help keep all those shoes organized and out of the doorway.

While I have never liked this shoe storage cabinet I’m about to show you, I do love it for storing so many other things. I saw one set up in a Newmarket home and being used for office supplies of paper clips, staples, pens, pencils and more. It gave me some ideas for other uses.

This home organization solution is sleek and so small that it can fit into most spaces. They are great for bedrooms, college dormitories, apartments, condos and retirement living. They truly are a great home organization solution for small space living.

You can google shoe storage cabinets and find several variations, sizes and colours. I really like this one from IKEA for its versatility.

In the Family Room you can use them for records, CD’s, magazines and books.

Keep books, craft paper, crayons and more in toy rooms. Place small bins inside to keep small like items together i.e. markers and small blocks.

Store make-up, jewellery and school supplies. Therefore, they work well for teenage girls bedrooms and can be used in almost any bedroom. Just remember the small bins to keep like items together.

Store mitts, hats and scarves in the basement during off seasons.

Use one to keep gym equipment like skipping ropes and smaller weights organized.

Also, great for your laundry room and so much more.

On a final note, think outside the box. In your quest for an organized home you can likely find very good uses for this shoe organization cabinet.

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