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home organization

The Living Organized® Home Solutions Report is a Home Organization Do-It-Yourself plan that you execute on your own.

Home Organization – some people require one-on-one help provided by our Hands-on Services  while others feel that they just need some expert advice to get them started. If this sounds like you this DIY plan is for you.

The Home Organization Do-It-Yourself Plan allows you to work at your pace. Each room or space will have all the details required to help you work through to completion. The report is designed so that you will know ‘where to begin’ and ‘what to do’ with all that stuff you no longer need, use and love.

During a 2 1/2 hour session I work with you to create a detailed plan of the area(s) that you would like help with. All the components necessary to help you with your home organization are provided.

The home organization plan includes:
  • Goal(s) for each room
  • Solutions, Ideas and Product Recommendations
  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Instructions – Living Organized® 3 Step ProcessThe How To’s of Organizing
  • Tools List
  • Top 20 Items to Re-purpose in your home
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PLUS… Additional resources include:
  • Living Organized® Home Maintenance Plan – ongoing help to keep you organized
  • List of free local recycling programs
  • List of local charities
  • Referrals to reputable business partners and experts as required for your individual plan

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