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Home Organization Maintenance Plan

by : Mharlos | 4 Sep, 2015 | Home Maintenance Plan | Home Organization | 7 Comments

Home Organization Maintenance

Home Organization is not about getting you organized,
it’s about keeping you organized.

Home Organization Maintenance was a hot topic last October.  As a result, I have been helping many clients since then to get their homes organized.

One thing they all share in common is what they think is a lack of space.

I have an easy home organization solution that helps maximize your space which I talk about in detail below.

You have worked through the clutter and put a few systems in place. Here are some home organization maintenance tips to help you stay organized.

recommend going through your home minimum quarterly, which simply means – every season. This allows you to stay on top of things and avoid those overcrowded closets, entrance ways and your kitchen counter from becoming a drop zone.

Every time something new comes into your home something else must go out. The ‘One in One Out Rule’ works well with clothing, home décor, books, magazines and children’s toys.

This works well in every room, closet, drawer
and space in your home entire home
including the basement, garage and storage sheds.
  • If it’s a keeper item place it in a labeled bin and place it in your designated storage space.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I worn it in the last year?
  • This past season?
  • Have I used this item in the last year?
  • The last 6 months?
  • How many of these same items do I really need?


If it doesn’t fit, it’s out of fashion, ripped, torn or stained-
Out it Goes!

Tip: pack a box or clear bag and place it in the trunk or better yet place it on the back seat of your car where it’s visible. When you are driving by a local charity this next week drop it off OR when you get a call from a local charity soliciting donations, say yes for them to pickup.

1. Keep only seasonal clothes in your closet or drawers. Pack others away . Rather than storing in bins which take up a lot of space in closets and basements.

  • Ziploc Space Bags work great to keep clothing and bedding clean and take up significantly less space than bins.

home organization maintenance

Click here to watch the ‘How To’ use space bags in you
Home Organization Maintenance .

Space bags fit easily into bedroom and linen closets on the top shelf out of the way. They fit under the bed. The worst thing is you might have a few dust bunnies on the bag. No big deal…the out of season clothes, towels, blankets, etc. are clean when you need them.

2. Each season purge the closets and drawers. Find homes for all those good items.

3. Allow only 2 jackets and 2 pairs of shoes or boots per person per seasonin the main entrance way that family members exit from most frequently.

4. Purge vanities of all those expired vitamins and give away or toss those items that you are not using. For simple home organization give each family member one or two bins to hold their personal items and have them include items like hair dryers and curlers, brushes, shaving cream, razors and make-up.

5. Take stock of what you have on hand before shopping for anything.

  • Using a shopping list helps you not just remember what you need but remind you what you do not need.

Use a list for:

  • Household Supplies
  • Groceries
  • School Supplies
  • Craft Supplies
  • Gift wrapping supplies and cards
  • Clothes and accessories


This likely sounds strange but, looking through the closet
to see what accessories
or what colours you have in your
ward robe will help you with your future selections.

If you want to match an item take it with you or take a photo of it with your smart phone. 

6. Keep a box of school supplies for homework handy with all the school supplies your children will require. Check the box i.e. weekly or monthly to see if any items need to be added or replaced.

  • Carts on wheels work well to keep supplies organized.

7. Place a laundry basket in each bedroom or bedroom closet.

8. Use baskets for small toys, books, etc. in kid’s rooms or play areas.

9. Label bins, baskets and shelves. Use pictures from magazines for young children who cannot read yet.

10. Gifts you received but really do not like, need or use donate to a charity.

11. Put things away when you are finished with them. This includes all the party trays, glass ware and small appliances that are not used frequently and don’t fit in your kitchen.

Have kids do the same with homework and toys, etc. 

13. Use a timer and have it ring 10 -15 minutes before bed or the next activity in order for them to have enough time to return items to their appropriate home. If they are young children, do this task with them so that they learn the how to’s.

14. Open your mail near a recycling bin. Toss all the inserts and envelopes not needed.

15. When shopping for items to create your systems be sure to, measure the space. Closets, vanity, drawers, cabinets.

  • Minimize the amount of running around you need to do. Many stores have online shopping carts including the big box stores where the product information and dimensions are listed. If you do not like to buy online use this step just to see who has the products you want and then go to those store(s) and make your purchases.
Doing this first eliminates wasted time, gas, money and aggravation.

16. Your Junk drawer-it’s okay. Most people have one filled with items that don’t really belong anywhere else. Let it be ‘the junk’ drawer BUT the one and only. As it gets full weed it out.

17. Re-purpose items. Cubbies no longer working in your child’s room, see where else it might work in your home or pass it along to someone else – sell at a garage sale or donate.

18. Cancel subscriptions to magazines that you do not have time to read regularly. Most libraries let you borrow magazines just like books.

19. Embrace technology. Burn your photos to CD’s or USB’s or download to secure online storage. Check out Flickr and Google Photos.                 

20. Create beautiful photo books online for gifts for friends and family or as keepsakes just for you.

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