Home Office Organizing & Feng Shui

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Home Office Organizing and Feng Shui Techniques

Home office organizing and set up using Feng Shui techniques provides you with an office that helps your focus, your energy and your productivity.

Recently I started to work with a client to provide her with top to bottom home organization solutions for her family. As I walked through every room I began her creating a plan and prioritizing tasks. I also learned of an upcoming business venture. So included were solutions for home office organizing.

In a follow-up telephone session I heard, “I can’t believe how the energy in the room is flowing after moving my desk. And how different it feels with just one small change.” I recommended that she turn her desk around to face the doorway of the room.


How you place your desk in your home office
affects your focus, your energy and your productivity.

I am not a Feng Shui expert but when setting up a home office I do adhere to some of the principles and practices and particularly to that of furniture placement.

Feng Shui recommends you position your desk so you can see the door or the entry to your office. And with your back to a solid wall when possible rather than a window. (Just a little something I learned in a local business Program.)  This provides you with support, both spatially and energetically. It gives you a feeling of being in control of your work environment.

Also, you will not be startled when someone walks up behind you. When working at home it’s important for family members to feel that your office is open to them when necessary. Facing the open door or entry way allows for this to occur. If you have your back to the door you may miss out on something important to them and to you.

In home office organizing, corporate or business offices of any kind
YOU always want to be approachable.

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