Hockey Gear Storage – Garage Organization


For professional hockey players, where they store their gear after a game is a no-brainer. They have their own lockers, and a locker room where equipment managers take care of just about everything.

Families of youth hockey players, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury. Playing hockey means having a lot of gear, which means finding a place to keep it all. Sticks, pads, helmets, and skates require enough space where they can be kept clean and in good condition.

For many hockey families, the garage can be the next best thing to a pro locker room. However, a little organization is needed to make it a proper place to store gear. Simply piling sticks in the corner or leaving pads on the floor will lead to unnecessary wear and tear on equipment-not to mention that jerseys and pants should be hung to prevent mildew.

With a little preparation and work, the garage can be the perfect place to stow your gear between games and practices. It’s not a professional facility, but at least your equipment will be out of the way and in good shape-if you handle it properly.

The accompanying infographic by Pro Stock Hockey contains some helpful hints for using your garage to store your gear. Following these tips can keep your gear safe, clean and organized.

And most importantly, out of your bedroom or other areas of your home! 



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