Four Habits to Help with Your Home

I hear Mom’s say that they Feel Overwhelmed by the Clutter and Disorganization in their home.

The focus is often on seeing the “glass Half Empty.”

Please STOP comparing yourself to your Mother and your Grandmother. Many moms’ today are not just raising their children, getting them to extracurricular activities, cooking, cleaning, and so on…they are also holding down a job or running a business.

Really Mom’s, Pat yourself on the back
Yyour Glass is Half Full and YOU are amazing!

You cannot compare yourself to your mom whose full-time job was to manage the household. Men traditionally went to work and brought home the money. Lives are very different for you today.

I am not saying that your mother’s did not have a huge responsibility. You have all of that plus a job outside the home.

There is no comparison.

Four habits that can help in your home:

1.Everything has a place. Designate and consistently store items in the same location. i.e. school bags.

2.Give each family member a bin where they can place their mitts, cell phones, etc. If you find an item on the dining table that belongs in the bin ask the person to put it there or toss it in yourself. As a result, they will find the item(s) and will soon be trained to use the bin consistently. Not searching around the house looking for the keys will save a lot of time and reduces your stress. Make morning routines easy.

3.Laundry – a load per day.

Teach children how to sort their own laundry. Engaging your kid’s in these valuable life skills makes your job easier.

4.Sort the mail as it arrives and near a recycling bin.

None of the above habits are difficult to implement. Each one on its own will help make your job as a parent more manageable.

You don’t need to do all of this at once. Consider making one small change every week.

Feeling you still just need a “little boost.”

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