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Gift wrapping storage solutions can be a royal pain. Especially, those jumbo rolls that are so long that they don’t fit into anything including the containers designed specifically to hold them. They are always just a bit too short and therefore, the lid doesn’t close.

Now, there are many fancy solutions out there and a few of them I will share because they are for more than just the rolls of gift wrapping paper. If you do want a designer storage solution for rolls of paper google “gift wrapping storage solutions” and you will see a large selection.

My challenge was that I couldn’t find any for the extra-long rolls. So, for today, we are back to thinking outside the box or in this case


“Outside the Bag”
for gift wrapping storage solutions.


I searched for a solution that would be flexible, affordable and hold all those extra-long rolls. I found something and it even has to do with Christmas. In fact, you might already own one.

An oversized Christmas Tree Bag. This one is 65 x 15 x 30 inches and I love how it opens more than many of the other bags I viewed.  It even has a card slot so you can label the bag! Plus, there is some extra room. You might even add a few other things like, ribbon, bows, scissors. Pack those like things separately into clear zip lock bags so they stay together. Place them into the bottom of the bag.

To me this looks similar to a duffle bag. Do you have a duffle bag or a hockey bag no longer being used that could be re-purposed.

Here are a few photos to help organize all your gift wrapping supplies together. This one is a simple installation. And you,


Create your own Design Layout.

Allow more space in your design so that it will hold those extra-long rolls.


gift wrapping


I love these because of their flexibility. They will not hold the oversized rolls of paper, however, you can use them in the kids rooms. Think “outside the bag” for how these storage solutions can help you keep your home organization in check. 

gift wrapping


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