Getting Garage Organization Done!

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Garage Organization doesn’t need to be a chore you hate. Nor do you need to toss everything into the landfill.

Last week I helped Jill with her garage organization. Throughout years Jill has done many purges. She has held garage sales during the summers to downsize her belongings. And she did get rid of a lot of things. But, she was also thestorage locker not just for her own things but for the belongings of her grown children, a family members and a couple of friends.

My first piece of advice: DO NOT let anyone store their personal belongings of any kind in your home or garage. Once the items arrive it is very difficult to get them to remove them. And when you ask they make you feel guilty and you become to bad guy. Do not open this can of worms.

After each garage sale Jill did donate items to local charities. Very little went into the garbage. And really, she didn’t have any garbageThe vast majority of her items were very good and had value but were not being used by anyone.

When you store items away, don’t label them or mark your calendar with a time to re-visit they become forgotten clutter taking up valuable space.


I have clients who have paid monthly fees for several years and do not even know anymore what is in the unit.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Jill wanted to reclaim her garage once and for all. She would love to park her car inside.

99% of the items that came out of the garage last week were recycled.

1. Furniture, lawn furniture, baby stroller etc. were placed at the curb.

I took photos and placed a post in a few local Facebook groups for FREE items. Everything was picked up that day.

2. We pulled all the bins and boxes packed with belongings out onto the driveway. We sorted garbage, recycling, keeper items and donations. Items being kept were repacked into the bins and placed onto one side of the driveway to go back into the garage later.

We filled my truck with a load for great items for charity. Remember, your junk can be someone else’s treasures.

There was one garbage can full of garbage and a broken toilet. There were 2 boxes of electronics and several pieces of metal all of which were recycled at the appropriate and FREE drop off locations at the local landfill.

For a large purge I do recommend renting a disposal bin for your driveway. All the garbage, plastics, cardboard, metal, appliances and wood can be placed in it. The government regulates these companies and everything is sorted at a private transfer depot. The disposal bins are cost and time efficient-well worth the investment to make your garage organization project easier.

Now, we are not quite done in Jill’s garage. We spent a morning sorting, purging and re-packing items that are keepers. She has some homework to do. Some of the memories that were created over the years will be kept but quite likely there will be more for charity and curb side give away.

3. We created an area for all those items that still require decision making. All the pieces of furniture and items to leave the garage are in this area. The bins with questionable memorabilia are included here as well.

Once those decisions are made I will spend a few hours helping withsolutions to organize her garage for her few keeper items plus tools, shovels, lawn mower, etc.

Jill will be able to access everything she needs with ease. AND, this next winter she will be able to park in car in the garage with ease.


Still feel overwhelmed. Just want it done.

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