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Getting and Staying Organized at Home

by : Mharlos | 26 Jan, 2021 | Home Organization | Home Organizing | 0 Comments

Getting and staying organized in Newmarket isn’t easy.

If you’re struggling to conquer clutter once and for all here are 25 of my favourite low-cost organizing tips for getting and staying organized in Newmarket. Many of them are environmentally friendly, too!

1. Use old baby-food jars to hold spices. Stash them in a drawer upside down so this recycling trick looks sleek, not cheap. Label each one. I love my label maker.

2. If you must collect takeout menusplace them into a Ziploc bag and stash them in the cupboard. Or download all your favourites to your smart phone/tablet. Have access and order dinner to be delivered or pick up when you’re out on errands/returning from work.

3. Keep a tray/basket on the kitchen counter where kids can drop off permission slips and adults can put mail requiring immediate action

4. Use a recharging station to keep your cell phone, MP3 player and other portable device cords untangled and your gadgets fully charged. 

5. Use small jam jars to hold cotton swabs, balls and other essentials inside your bathroom vanity drawers.

6. Use an old wooden stepladder to hold bath and hand towels.

Functions as a Piece of Décor Too.

7. Store kids’ bath toys in a mesh-laundry bag. Hang from the faucet ’til fully drained.

8. Reuse a cardboard beer box for school or craft supplies. Store pens, pencils, scissors, markers, etc. Easy access, great storage and easy cleanup when done.

9.  A counter top spice rack to hold buttons, glitter, beads, paper clips, nuts, bolts, screws and more.

10. Ice cube trays to hold clips, erasers and other desk-drawer essentials. Also, works great to store ear rings and jewellery.

11. Use a canvas over-the-door shoe organizer to organize small kids toys and art supplies. Also, great for bathroom supplies like blow dryer, hair brushes and hair accessories.

12. Old cookie tins to hold children’s crayons, pencils, etc.

13. A pot-lid holder puts the vertical space behind a cabinet door to good use. Use to hold files in the office, collect bins, kids papers to sign and return to school.

14. Use a wine rack to hold rolled-up magazines, towels, yarn storage, water bottles, office supplies…

15. You’ll never fit sheets/pillow slips back into those reusable vinyl zip pouches they were sold in, but you can stash cloth napkins/tablecloths in them. Use one pouch per set and label the quantity with a Sharpie.

16. A table top lazy Susan for kids’ art/school supplies for easily accessible and to return everything easily.

And, My Decorating Favourite.

17. Hold onto paint chips, fabric swatches and brochures from your last redecorating session. Place them in a Zip Lock and drop into a “household decorating” hanging file. Take them when you are shopping for accessories and décor. Avoid returns for mismatched colours. (Buying furniture – ask the store to provide you with a swatch from couches/chairs).

18. Pill boxes work great to stash earrings and rings when traveling.

19. Wine/Pop Crate.Make a party kit. Stash napkins, extra glassware and plates, votive candles and holders, extra vases, cocktail picks and other necessities in an old wine/pop crate for arty and holiday entertaining. 

20. Place a plastic container in your gym bag for easy access of hair care and skincare products.

21. Reuse plastic containers for arts & crafts supplies, cotton balls, q-tips, buttons, nails, screws.  Use margarine tubs, peanut jars, Tupperware and other kitchen plastics that have outgrown their use in the kitchen.

When Getting and Staying Organized in Newmarket
You Can Create a System for Almost Anything
You Want to Store Without Purchasing Anything New.


22. Dryer sheets. They make excellent dusting rags, especially for sucking up pet hair. You also eliminate the need to buy dusting products.

23. Cassette cases. Turn the cases into gift card holders. Add a little construction paper and a personalized “Happy Birthday” note to dress up the case, and you’ve got a unique gift.

24. Reuse egg cartons to store fragile holiday ornaments safely. For extra security, tie strings or run rubber bands around the width of the carton.

25. An empty tissue box to store your plastic grocery bags. And there’s even a way to make them pop up just like tissues! Slide the bottom of each bag into the handles of the next bag, then insert them all into the box. Takes up little space in any cabinet or on a surface and so tidy!


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