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Garage Tune-Up for Living Organized

by : Mharlos | 25 May, 2020 | Uncategorized | 1 Comments

Even I need to do a garage tune-up from time to time.

For a garage tune-up sometimes, I just do not want to do it. In the freezing cold, in an unheated garage after a long work day I definitely do not always want to put my supplies away.

I waited until it got warm enough to clear the clutter and re-organize my systems. You can also use my home maintenance plan to help you out.

  1. Recycling – all items that could be recycled in our road side collection went into a bin.
  2. Garbage – in the trash.
  3. Returned all items to their correct home i.e. ladder went back to the storage shed along with the bicycle.garage tune-up
  4. Sorted every bin on the shelves. Re-organized the bins to work with the items that I currently have on hand.
  5. Went through every tote bag and box on the floor and placed items back into their appropriate space.
  6. Labelled all the bins. I only used green tape on the bins as they will change in the future. Sometimes I end up with more of certain items at a time so I re-use a different sized bin that I have on hand. I haven’t bought new bins in a very long time. I always have a few empty bins on hand so I will use those as needed. So, before you shop…

    look to see what you have on hand
    that you could use for organizing in your garage tune-up. 

You can see that I do not have track systems on the wall. Not that you cannot. Just saying that you can use very inexpensive items that you might have on hand. Example, our shovels hang on nails hammered into the wall studs. And my moving carts on spikes. Again, hammered into the wall studs. Over the years I’ve purchased a screw in hooks. And a peg board that is very versatile.

Everything has been organized for us to find and reach easily. And, move things around. Put your gardening tools where you can use them for this season and put the snow shovels in the harder to reach spots until late fall.

Feeling that your just can’t handle this alone and you and your family need some directions I can help.

With social distancing being apart of our life right now and you’re ready to have someone in your home/garage I can still help your get organized.


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