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Food Waste: Solutions to a $31B Problem

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | hoarding | organizing solutions | 0 Comments

Food Waste is a 31 Billion Dollar Problem.

Lately, my team and I have seen a lot of food waste. We have tossed so much food in Newmarket because its expired, rotted in the fridge or was covered in freezer burn. And the freezer burn has been on refrigerator food too. Yes, even the fridge can cause freezer burn to your food if it’s so over packed that the air cannot circulate.

Here is a video that shows us how much we waste. Take a look BUT then come back. I have solutions.  

5 Graphics that show us how much we throw away.

Some of it is from people who tend to hoard food. But there are also other reasons why people overstock their refrigerator. One senior client recently told me that if she were to get ill that she would have no way of getting to the grocery store. She is a recent widow. And her closest  family members are 2-3 hours away.

Here are 2 simple solutions to help with this challenge.

Major grocery chains now have online shopping. Here are just 2Zehrs and Walmart. And there are many others. And I get that this might not be an option for an older adult who does not use a computer. BUT, you can have a family member or friend or personal support worker do all your shopping online from anywhere that they can access the world-wide web.

And, you might like to shop local with Simcoe County Farm Fresh. I buy meat at the Happy Mango. They might not have online shopping but you can phone in your order just as my grandmother did when I was a child…forever ago!

My Gran had her Groceries Delivered by Cab

Or you can call Speedy Delivery. A senior client told me about the service and gave them rave reviews. She uses them frequently because she no longer drives but still lives in her own home. They service Barrie and the nearby area. Therefore, if you google i.e. food delivery Orillia or any area where you live a list will appear for you to check out your local delivery options and more.

People have lived through depressions, wars or come from countries where they simple did not have access to food. For people that live in free countries like Canada and the United States where we have an abundance of everything including food we no longer need to hoard or overstock food in our refrigerators. However, saying that is easy. For people that struggle with hoarding food it’s tough. The practice of buying too many groceries for some has been passed down by parents and grandparents.

Education is key to safe food practices to easy meal preparation that allows us simply not to waste so much food. And all the shops are just down the street for most people or at our finger tips.

I have found a wonderful site that has meal planning, menus, recipes, how to keep it fresh and much more. There is information for everyone.

Check it out and do your part not to waste food and your hard-earned money.

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