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Family Home Organization – Control the Chaos

by : Mharlos | 23 Jul, 2019 | Home Organization | Kids Routines | 0 Comments

Are your mornings filled with Chaos and a Household that feels Out of Control…

When it comes to family home organization Bradford, in most homes mom is the one getting the kids off to school. BUT there are many dad’s out there managing mornings and other daily routines.

Therefore, this is for you – the parent getting the kids out the door to school quickly, and with no stress.

Three tips to Simplify morning routines by getting prepared the night before. All the things needed for the next day are packed and accessible for an easy exit from the home. As a result, getting you and the kids out the door and it’s smooth sailing.

If you have quite a few things to take with you, make a checklistFor androids this might be the app for you.  And for iPhones get yours at iTunes.

1.  Delegate. Probably your kids can help to prepare and pack their lunch. Place it in the fridge ready to go for the morning. If you like your morning coffee to go, prepare, set the timer and place your mug beside pot. Tip, this could be done while you are supervising the lunch making.

For those of you who work from home, how great is it
to wake up to the aroma of your morning coffee that you can
just pour and enjoy after you have sent the kids off to school.

2.  Packing routines.  Everything they require for the next day including homework and school books are packed and placed near the door for a quick and easy exit in the morning.

As a result, everyone just picks up his or her brief case, purse, backpack, school bag, library books – whatever is needed for the day. Consequently, making this a routine activity

Creates a Habit that Keeps Mornings from Becoming Chaotic
Gives Everyone a Great Start to a Wonderful Day!

3.  Help the kids choose their outfits. Place them for easy access the next morning. Keep it simple. In addition, do not forget the shoes, library books, CD’s, etc. that need to be returned to the library. They too are packed and at the door. Remember, use a list. The more prepared, the smoother the run.

Do these little family home organization
Bradford things you have to do anyway – TONIGHT. 

You will thank yourself in the morning.  Also, don’t forget to check your diary or calendar tonight as well. You might have scheduled appointments that could easily slip your mind with today’s busy lifestyle.

And finally, remember to book some time for YOU!

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