Email Management -Are You Getting an F?

My Computer keeps telling me I’ve got mail!

Good email management means setting a consistent time that does not interfere with the most productive time of your day.

Here are Six suggestions on how to manage your inbox:

1. Set up separate business and personal email accounts.

Keeping friends, family and jokes separate helps to avoid distractions.

2. Set up your filters with rules to reduce Spam.

You can configure email rules to send your spam directly to the trash.

3. Schedule a consistent time each day to answer emails. Schedule the time required to answer the volume of email you get for daily business.

4. Move messages to different folders. Many people use the internet to do research for their business. Information coming in via your email can easily be managed by creating a folder for each project. When an email about that project arrives, move it to that folder.

5. Schedule time in your calendar to deal with each individual folder or project. I block the time that I feel is required and that is when I deal with the contents of that folder. As a result I don’t forget to complete tasks as required.

 Tip: set an alarm.

6. Do not check your email on demand. If you’re using an email program that announces the arrival of new email, turn off the program’s announcement features.

Are you chained to your email, rushing to open your inbox every time a new email comes in? Consequently, this action creates further inefficiency and rather than increasing your productivity.

Email is meant to liberate you, not chain you down. 

Turn off Alerts.

Getting back to people in a timely manner both personally and professionally is important. I get that!

Good email management means setting a consistent time that does not interfere with the most productive time of your day.

Schedule the time to complete those tasks that move your business forward.

Scheduling less demanding tasks such as checking, reading and answering email outside of your busy productive hours results in good email management.


Tip: use these suggestions to help you manage social media in a similar capacity.

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