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Easy Organizing Solutions-Living Organized

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | Home Organization | Home Organizing | 0 Comments

Easy Organizing Solutions Simplified

Saying “Easy Organizing Solutions” can sound easy when it’s being talked about. Thinking about the work involved and completing the tasks can be daunting. And the thought of organizing your entire kitchen in one swoop might feel overwhelming.

With your busy schedule, you likely don’t have an entire day or ½ day to devote to this large undertaking.

Break a task down into smaller components. 

Chose just one to begin from the list below.

Book 15 to 30 minutes in your calendar. If you are using a smart phone use the repeat function in your calendar to repeat task(s) daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Be honest with yourself and pick a realistic amount of time to complete the task of your choice.

Complete one room at a time so you can see your accomplishment. If you start with the kitchen work through all drawers, cupboards and pantry until its finished. It will feel liberating and motivate you to continue. 

1. Start with one drawer at a time or even just a pot drawer for today. Get rid of anything that’s broken or hasn’t been used in the past two years. Common sense and easy organizing solutions.

Keep similar items in the same place for easy organizing solutions.

Example, egg lifters, soup ladles, stirring spoons and spatulas can go into one drawer.

2. Create a junk drawerYES, a junk drawer! It’s the place where you will keep pens, hide the mail you collected today or just to hold those odds and ends you need to find but don’t require an entire draw or space of their own. Use storage containers to help keep it organized.

3. You have seasonal items or special occasion items taking up space you need for daily living. One of the simplest strategies for organizing these items is to place into a box or a bin, label it and store on a shelf in the basement or other designated storage area.

4. You can keep track of everybody’s schedule in the family with a centralized calendar in the kitchen or a shared calendar on a smart phone.

5. Keep a permanent donate box in your house and empty it regularly. Link to charity.

6. Setup a kitchen command centre using these kinds of configurations.

7. Organize clothing by seasons. Pack or place out of season clothes away.

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8. Use separate binders with subject dividers to organize household papers, electronics and appliance manuals and finances in one easy to manage place. If you don’t have too many of these items setup just one binder with dividers to organize all these important items. And remember, only keep what you really need. Link to another blog.

And if organizing is easy for you and you just want a simple plan to follow each season follow my home maintenance routine to stay on top of these tasks.

Keep it simple!
Organizing doesn’t need to be daunting or overwhelming. 

In fact, you will feel liberated.

Start small. Organizing is a process and it doesn’t need to be done all in one day. Engage the kids in the project(s). Have them work through their closet with you, their toys, etc. If they chose the items they will be keeping likely they will be clothes they will wear and toys that they will play with.


Happy Organizing!

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