Earth Day – Let’s make it Every Day!


Earth Day is officially April 22 in Canada. Let’s start now and make Earth Day everyday and make it a priority for us here now and for future generations!

Earth Day is everyday in our home. I do walk my talk when celebrating earth day every day.

Last year we did a home renovation and when I replaced my fridge I recycled it through one of our contractors who needed a good second fridge. The fridge was replaced with one that has a built-in water dispenser and filtration system.

I decided no more water bottles. My kitchen was purposely designed without a place for cases of water. In addition to saving money, I’m saving time by not carrying cases of water, hauling bottles several times a week to the garage and toting 2 large recycle bins to the curb weekly.

I fill my stainless steel water bottles and pack them with my lunch for work and for the gym. Consequently, I do pay for the replacement filters twice a year, however, it still costs less, is less work and most importantly, its kind to the environment.

Here are 6 simple, easy, green choices you can make in your home and office to celebrate Earth Day everyday:

1. Pay your bills online.

2. Reuse scrap paper. Print on two sides, or let your kids colour on the back side of used paper.

3. Before buying anything new, first check your local kijiji or Freecycle.

4. Donate to—and shop at—local thrift and consignment shops.

5. Re-purpose glass jars and leftover containers to store food/items I.E. pasta, flour, craft supplies, pens, pencils.

6. And lastly, on living green is cleaning supplies.

In the past few years I have learned the positive impact my use of green products have on our environment.

I was working in a client’s home and office and I got an education. I’m by no stretch an expert on the environment.  I just try to do my small part by sharing the tools and resources available. And, we know that the best referral is one that is passed on by word of mouth. So I’m going to use my common sense approach that I am well known for and pass you onto an expert.

Michelle Main of U CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE is an expert on these environmentally friendly products (for your health, your home and the environment). Michelle does due diligence in her research and has a few words to share with you…

“People think that just because a product is healthy or environmentally friendly that it automatically means that it costs more. Not the case here! If you were to buy the equivalent cleaning power that comes in my Get Clean Starter Kit at the store, you would have to spend more than $3400.00! As a result of using the Get Clean products, you keep 49 kilograms/108 lbs of packaging waste out of landfills and eliminate another 113 kilograms/248 lbs of greenhouse gas.”

This is just you!

Imagine the impact we create in protecting our earth.

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