Downsizing your home – 4 Easy Steps

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Downsizing your home can happen whether you are staying or moving. Or at any stage or age of life.

Have you moved to a smaller home? Have you downsized your stuff to fit that house but not quite enough? Often in downsizing your home you think you have more room in the newer home than you actually have.

You put everything into the garage, basement or both thinking that you will get to it later. Later never arrives. As well, you likely add more stuff to the piles in these spaces. It’s out of sight, out of mind, and life continues to be busy.

And then, a very unexpected surprise.

I’ve been working with a couple who did all of these things. And then the wonderful surprise of their soon to be new daughter happened. The birth is just around the corner. And we needed to make room for her.

And then, there is the room in the basement that needs to be cleared out and turned into a play room for her and her brother plus some additional storage.

The mom to be was on bed rest and her husband was away on a previously planned family trip.  So along with myself, a helper and the assistance of the home owner’s parents and a handyman we worked over the course of 6 days to prepare for the arrival of a baby girl.

First, we removed all the items that were garbage and recycling from the garage, basement and living spaces of the home. The items were placed in a disposal bin in the driveway. You’d be amazed at how much stuff you can recycle out of your home. Likely most of it is not garbage and a few trips to the landfill will just not take care of it. All cardboard, paper, plastics, outdated electronics, lumber and metal can be recycled.

2. Next, we sold items that would sell quickly.

Approximately $700 was made to help offset the cost of the project.

3. The third action was to organize a collection of Comicon items that were being sold by the husband upon his return the following week. They were placed in plastic bins, labeled and stored in the garage for easy access and quick removal. Prior to the downsizing process buyers were sourced and in place to handle the transactions.

4. Good items that could be donated were delivered to a local charity. Those included Christmas gift wrap and décor, small appliances, dishes, toys and clothing. Also, they parted with wall hangings and pictures that they decided they really did not need. And most importantly, they had not used in the last 18 months since their move to this home.

In downsizing your home we create a plan that works for you. The next 5 steps are the customized pieces that completed this project. 

5. A display cabinet to organize the children’s toys and items being used in the room was installed. A storage shelf was built to store the labeled bins of keeper items like family photos, heirlooms and other treasures.

6. The metal shelves on the left in the photo were reorganized to store over flow food, party platters and home décor being kept.

7. The baby’s room was painted and set up.

8. Their son was moved to his new bedroom along with his bed built by the handyman.

9. Custom Living room cabinets were designed and built to the hold the TV, electronics and provide additional storage.

And lastly, the carpet cleaner came in to freshen up the carpet and remove a few stains. The space was now ready to have the new furniture delivered.

All completed in plenty of time for the arrival of their baby girl.

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