Downsizing – What NOT to Get Rid of


Downsizing! There is so much work to do and so much to let go of.

I’ve talked about downsizing in great detail into another blog so just the Coles notes version today.

Being charitable is wonderful. However, if you plan on having an auction you need enough items to sell. Giving away could cost you more money when you have to cover the auction expenses.

HOLD ON…I am recommending auctions and do so for the majority of my clients.

Here’s what can happen when you give too much away:

One client just broke even because they gave so many things away to their neighbours.

And just today, I had to stop a client from giving items away. Too many things end up in the landfill that shouldn’t.


This is one of the best recycling strategies available.


Another person called desperate to get rid of items that couldn’t be taken to charity i.e. couches, table, chairs and dressers. She did not have enough left to sell. Most charities don’t pick up and those that do couldn’t do it before her closing date.

The donated items would easily sell at auction. The woman was not comfortable with strangers coming by her widowed mother’s home so, Kijiji and VarageSale were out.

As a result, by not calling me in the beginning of the downsizing project,  she was forced to hire a company to remove the furniture and deliver it to a local charity. Again, not cost efficient.


95% of the possessions in your home
can be sold at a downsizing auction.


Downsizing Items that can be sold at auction and are not limited to include:

Picture Frames
Crafts and craft supplies
Office supplies
Office Furniture-filing cabinets, chairs, desks, printers
Garden tools and supplies
Lawn mowers
Garden Tractors
Paint supplies-rollers, brushes, trays
Air conditioners
Small appliances -I.e. microwaves, toasters, coffee makers
Furniture – couches, chairs, recliners, end tables, china cabinets, tables, chairs
Patio Furniture
Electric Fireplaces
Newer appliances-washers, dryers, fridge, stove 
Cars, trucks, trailers, RV’s
Snow mobiles
Cleaning and laundry supplies-even if they are open.
Tools-drills, drill bits, hand saws, power saws, table saws, vice grips
Nuts, bolts, screws, nails, clamps
Building supplies – wood, doors, door handles, windows
Electrical Wiring
Electrical boxes
Books-not encyclopedias. 

When you hire Living Organized downsizing services, I make the arrangements for the auction. I get everything ready to be catalogued by the auction company.

But the contract is signed by you.


When the auction is all over they send you a Cheque.

Simple, Efficient and Cost Effective. 


Still Feeling Overwhelmed by the Process

Need Help Downsizing

Preparing for the Auction

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