Downsizing Mrs. Barr – Her Way

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I’m just doing the finishing touches to another successful Downsizing and Senior Move Management project. The clients are happy and have referred me to a friend who is turning 95.

The lady (Mrs. Barr) called because her friends raved about me. Mrs. Barr spoke so clearly on the phone and was firm as she said, “I want to stay in my home until I die. I’m very independent. I have never had any help from anyone but then I have never asked for any either.”

Mrs. Barr went on to say, “of course I have too many things, I’m legally blind and I can no longer go down the seven stairs into my basement to see what has been stored there.”

Like most us, out of sight, out of mind and she doesn’t remember all that has been collected over the years. Sound familiar?

Mrs. Barr explained, “I don’t make decisions quickly and I do things slowly.” Her first need was to clean out the freezer in the basement and to have the freezer removed. That I can do and it will happen soon, as that is her wish.

The point – Her WISH.

Furthermore, not her friends, children’s or anyone else’s. Mrs. Barr did ask, “do you have any suggestions as where I should start.” And it’s just simply this:

As a result of our initial conversation, her first request will be addressed. The freezer will be emptied, contents tossed and it will be recycledGet them started where they are willing. Easy…

She and I will have tea another day and together will Create a Plan of Actionfor downsizing her possessions.

And on a Schedule, that works for her.

She also said “I cannot do this work.” I explained that I would do the work along with my team but only after she and I devised a downsizing plan of her liking and we will work that plan into her budget.

All of these details will be completed on her behalf so that she will not be overwhelmed by the process.

I’ve had a lot of questions and many discussions lately about getting this done with dignity.

Now, I hope that my mind and body work this well when I’m Mrs. Barr’s age. I’m sure many of you are having the same thought. Unfortunately, life is not always as kind and generous as it has been to Mrs. Barr.

Part of her prompting has been the recent death of a very close friend, the sale of the friend’s home and the moving of her friend’s husband from her neighbourhood. This has stressed her immensely.

Often, these are the circumstances that urge us to make decisions that we have been avoiding.

How do you encourage a loved to make these decisions?

Downsizing Lovingly and with Dignity.

They need to make the decisions about what gets passed on and to whom, sold, given to charity, etc. Consequently, Mrs. Barr has not taken care of assigning dispersal of her possessions. But she has assigned her power of attorney for her health, her finances and her last wishes. If nothing else, encourage your loved ones to attend to these items.

Most of us know our final wishes 
and those should be honoured.

It can be tough both physically and emotionally to take care of a loved one’s treasured possessions. There are many companies like Living Organized that can help you take care of these details for a loved one and recommend other experts as needed.

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