Downsizing-Moving Toronto to Barrie

The house has been sold. A closing date set.

And my clients are on their way to becoming Barrie Residents but only after a detailed plan of their wishes has been put into place.

Let’s get the downsizing-moving process underway
following these 6 steps:


1.     Most items not being moved to the new home were sold at an online auction. 

Anything that family members or friends were taking were and moved prior to the auction. Use painter’s tape and write each person’s name on the item so that it does not get packed or moved to the new home. All items not being sold must be removed prior to the auction. 

2.     Those items that cannot be sold like clothing go to a local charity or consignment store(s). Again, remove prior to the auction. These should be taken care of now and not after the move. Save time and money packing and paying to move things that are more easily recycled now.

3.     Work through each room packing only those items that will be going to the new home.

Leave all those items for auction to organize later.

The Sky is the limit when selling items at auction. There are very few limitations. 95% of the possessions in your home can be sold at auction.

Items that can be sold at auction and are not limited to include:

Office supplies
Garden tools and supplies
Paint supplies
Air conditioners
Small appliances -I.e. microwaves, toasters
Newer appliances-laundry, kitchen 
Cars, trucks, trailers, RV’s
Snow mobiles
Cleaning and laundry supplies-even if they are open.
Nuts, bolts, screws
Building supplies 
Books-not encyclopedias. 
Most charities will not take them but do check. Otherwise they go to the landfill. If you cut off the covers and bindings the paper can be recycled.
Computer and electronic components

Items to dispose of prior to the auction:

TV’s-massive and out of date TVs must be recycled or given away. There are local companies that will pick up for free-usually at the curb or just inside the garage. 

Old computers get disposed of in the same way. There are also free electronics bins in most neighbourhoods where TVs, computers, telephones, etc.

Type in your postal or city here to find a location near you.

4.     On the day of the move I am at the new home to accept delivery of all your possessions.

5.     Along with my staff we unpack, set up the new home and remove the packing materials.

6.     The next day, I return to your sold home with my Staff to organize all the items to be inventoried for the auction. And, I make all the arrangements for you.

The auction staff come in to take all the photos, upload and enter all descriptions to their website. They do all the marketing and advertising. They handle all the sales including managing the viewing and pickup of items sold and collecting the money. When it’s all over they send you a Cheque. Simple and easy. Efficient, cost effective and better than a garage sale or a traditional auction house. You don’t pay for the labour to move all of your belongings to another location. 


Still Feeling Overwhelmed by the Process

Need Help Downsizing
Setting up for the Auction

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