Downsizing & Moving to Your New Home

Downsizing & Moving to Your New Home

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | Downsizing Seniors | Moving | 13 Comments

Downsizing & Moving to your home. The house has been sold. A closing date set.

And my clients are on their way to becoming Barrie Residents but only after a detailed plan of their wishes has been put into place.

Let’s get the downsizing & moving to your new home underway following these 6 steps:

1. Most items not being moved to the new home were sold at an online auction. 

Anything that family members or friends were taking were packed and moved prior to the auction. Use painter’s tape to write each person’s name on the item so that it does not get packed or moved to the new home.

All items NOT being sold must be removed prior to the auction.

2. Clothing cannot be sold at auction. These items go to a local charity or consignment store(s). Again, remove prior to the auction. All items not being sold should be dealt with now – not after the move.

Most importantly, you Save time and money by not packing and paying to move things that are more easily recycled now.

3. When downsizing & moving to your new home, work through each room packing only those items that will be going to your new home. Complete one room at a time. If you find something that doesn’t belong in that room place it in its designated room or area to be packed later. Don’t place it to the side with the thought that you will put it where it belongs later. It might end of packed and not even be something you want at your new home. Place it in its appropriate place now.

Only Pack Items Being Moved.

Leave all the items for auction to be sorted and organized later. In fact, leave the sorting and organizing of items for sale until last. Have a designated room or area where all the items being sold can be placed. Don’t do anything with them except place them in their designated spot.

The Sky is the limit when selling items at auction. There are very few limitations.

95% of the Possessions in Your Home Can Be Sold at Auction.

Items that can be sold at auction and are not limited to include:
Picture Frames
Crafts and craft supplies
Office supplies
Office Furniture-filing cabinets, chairs, desks, printers
Garden tools and supplies
Lawn mowers
Garden Tractors
Paint supplies-rollers, brushes, trays
Air conditioners
Small appliances -I.e. microwaves, toasters, coffee makers
Furniture – couches, chairs, recliners, end tables, china cabinets, tables, chairs
Patio Furniture
Electric Fireplaces
Newer appliances-washers, dryers, fridge, stove
Cars, trucks, trailers, RV’s
Snow mobiles
Cleaning and laundry supplies-even if they are open.
Tools-drills, drill bits, hand saws, power saws, table saws, vice grips
Nuts, bolts, screws, nails, clamps
Building supplies – wood, doors, door handles, windows
Electrical Wiring
Electrical boxes
Books-not encyclopedias.

My recommendation: MaxSold is the company to use when you are downsizing and moving to your new home.

Again, 95% of the items in your home can be sold at auction .

Exceptions are: clothes, text books, even encyclopedias are a hard sell. Go to MaxSold and Enter in the Referral Code HA7774  (the code is for when you decide that you would like to proceed with a MaxSold Auction). To view auctions running now or to view past auctions and see all the details of their services visit: MaxSold.

Most charities will not take encyclopedias but, do check. Most often it is listed on their website under acceptable donations. Otherwise they go to the landfill. Cut off the hard covers and bindings and the paper can be placed with your curb side recycling.

Items to Dispose of Prior to the Auction:

TV’s. Massive and out of date TVs must be recycled or given away. Old computers, telephones, etc. get disposed of in the same way. There are also free electronics bins at your local landfill site.

Local scrap metal companies will pick up for free at the curb or just inside the garage.

For FREE it must be in your garage or in the back yard. Somewhere it’s not hard to get at. When these companies have to come into your home they will charge you. It is at that time that they will need to have insurance coverage in case they do damage to your home while removing the item(s).

Type in your postal or city here to find a location near you.

4. On move day you must be present when the moving company is packing the truck. You supervise their team of movers to ensure that nothing gets left behind and request that certain items will be placed on the truck last. That way there are things that you and your family and friends can start to unpack immediately.

5. You are also at the new home to accept delivery of all your possessions. Again, when you hire me, I supervise the process so that everything goes into its designated room or space. When the truck leaves your old house I will leave at the same time to ensure that the movers have access to start unloading when they arrive. Otherwise,

You Will Pay if Workers are Sitting and Waiting for You During
the Downsizing and Moving to Your New Home. 

6. Have your family and friends start to unpack all the closet boxes. They will be placed last on the truck last and first off the truck at your new home. Why?They are large, bulky and expensive. Most likely, you will be charged by the moving company if they are not returned that day. Everything in a closet box is on a hanger so it’s an easy and quick task to complete. You do not want to have to transport them back to the moving company. If you would like a few for storing seasonal clothes then make arrangements with the moving company or your professional organizer to bill you for those few (2 or 3). And pack them with “out of season clothes that do not need to be unpacked the day of the move.Therefore,

Saving, YOU Time, Money and Grief.

7. The next day or shortly thereafter, you return to the sold home to organize all the items to be inventoried for the auction.

The auction staff come in to take all the photos, upload and enter all descriptions to their website. They do all the marketing and advertising. They handle all the sales including managing the viewing and pickup of items sold and collecting the money. 

When you hire Living Organized to manage and oversee your downsizing & moving to your new home, I make all the arrangements. I contact the auction find a mover and organize your entire project. I handle every little detail of downsizing & moving you to your new home project.

But, the contract with the auction company is signed by you. This allows you to have control over what is sold. And most importantly,

When the Downsizing Auction is Over they Send you a Cheque.
Simple and Easy!

An Online Auction is efficient, cost effective and better than a garage sale or a traditional auction house. You will save money the labour costs to move all of your belongings that you are selling to another location.

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