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Downsizing Made Easy for All Ages

by : Mharlos | 28 Apr, 2020 | Downsizing | Downsizing and Moving | 0 Comments

Downsizing made easy all ages and stages of life.

Often, people feel overwhelmed by the downsizing process. What to keep, what to get rid of and the big question….

What to do with all the things that I don’t want, need, use and love?

I had a call last week from a young woman who is from the millennial generation and downsizing is for her. She and her husband will be relocating to Vancouver for work and although she has some very nice furnishings it makes sense for her to leave those items behind.

If you calculate out how much it will cost to pack and move your furnishings across country you will likely find that it will cost you less to sell your furnishings, home decor, linens, etc. now. And buy new when you take possession of your new home. Likely your furniture won’t fit into the new space in the same way either.

So, I recommended an online auction to sell and recycle her possessions that are not sentimental into new homes in Barrie.

95% of the items in your home can be sold at an online auction.

For seniors or individuals who have lived in their homes for a long time and are paring down to move to a smaller house, apartment, condo or retirement community, downsizing made easy by online auctions is the easiest, most efficient and most cost effective way to go.

Again, do the math. How much will the labour costs be to have your possessions removed and delivered to a local auction house? Or even generously donated to local charities.

And make a mental note here – charities will not take all your possessions.

Some companies offer pickup/moving services and charge labour fees.  Others do not offer these services so, you will have to pay a moving company to handle these details. Whatever method you choose here it will most likely be more expensive. Even DIY moves cost money.

The online auction I recommend uses social distancing always. The number of individuals in a home at any time are limited. This helps to keep you, your possessions and the buyers of your possessions safe.

And during a time when we are practicing social distancing an online auction makes even greater sense.

An online auction saves you time, grief and money.

Downsizing made easy at any age with an online auction.


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