Downsizing – Less Stuff More Happiness

Downsizing to a Minimalist Lifestyle 

So, what is minimalist living? Less Stuff More Happiness.

Simply put minimalism is living with less stuff and spending more time living your life. Making memories with friends and family, traveling and doing things that bring you happiness.

Does shopping and owning more stuff really give you a sense of deep satisfaction.

This might be a hard thing for you to grasp especially when we live in a society that equates happiness with having the biggest house, the most expensive cars, and the latest TV. Do we do this to compete with our neighbours. Honestly, I could care less about what my neighbours have. Do I care about them – absolutely. But not about the stuff they own.

“Let’s make room in your life” by watching Graham Hill’s Ted Talk, “Less stuff, more happiness”. Anyways, here’s the video:


Here are several other areas where you can choose minimalist living through downsizing:


Minimalism your Closet

Most people wear 20% of what we own 80% of the time. Your favourite shirts, blouses, dresses, jeans, shorts, shoes, coats and even accessories. Ladies how often do you use your favourite one or two purses. Yet we have a closet or storage space full of purses.

Digital Minimalism

I’m miss snap happy and one example is our road trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas last year. I have the habit of taking at least 2 picturesof everything… just in case. And in the Grand Canyon every 50 feet it was a new spectacular view. So, I came home with 1,000 pictures from a week-long trip that included Sedona, the Grand Canyon North and South Rims and Hoover Dam.

I watched Graham’s video and I got busy and now I’m down to half. And, I’m sure I can pare down some more. My husband was on the same trip taking a lot of pictures too…But I have started. And if you have too much for your phone or computer consider securing it in the cloud. For $1.46/month Canadian I have 5 GB of cloud storage. The only reason I have that much is because I take a lot of business photos. My husband on the other hand, streams music. Pare down what you really don’t need and if you require a bit more space to keep your favourite memories then look into cloud storage.

Minimalism: in your mind

Many of us have heard about the law of attraction. “Energy flows where thoughts go.” We have choices about what we feed our minds.  Worry is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Stress is a choice. Sadness, fear…

3 years ago, our home was broken into. I’m very grateful for my dog and his deep voice. Although he was in the dog run he heard the intruders and barked and barked and they left. Now, they left with enough stuff including personal things I can never replace. My wedding rings and my deceased mother’s rings that could never be replaced at any cost. But I couldn’t change that it happened.


It was February and -30 Celsius.


I chose gratitude. When they left they closed the back door. Mickey our cockatiel didn’t freeze to death in the living room. My intuition told me to put Jack in his puppy condo where he remained unharmed. And, to drop our pure bread Boston Terrier puppy Bruin at daycare for those few hours. There were no holes in the walls or other physical damage to the house other than the door where they broke in. Yes, I cried. About 10 days later when it sank in that someone was in my home and touched my possessions. But, I was still so immensely grateful that they didn’t harm my family. We replaced what we could and moved on with lives.


Ever thought about Downsizing and Adapting the
Minimalist Perspective into your Life?

Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

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