Downsizing is Healthy for You and Your Home


Downsizing is a no longer a term used just by corporations.

Downsizing has become the buzz word for everything from downsizing to retirement living to ridding our homes of all the things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives.

And the newest buzz is minimalism.

We have learned that what our mothers once used to make their homes sparkle are not healthy for people or pets. And marketing upsells us to the new alternative product that will solve all our cleaning challenges. Mostly, it just fills our cupboards. I’m not saying they are unhealthy. We just do not require that many to clean the house.

In my quest to help people downsize their excess including all the cleaners in their homes I have found some great environmentally, people and pet friendly solutions.

These first 2 will help you for your day to day cleaning in your home. You only clean with the microfiber clothes and water!

Here are some of the benefits to the Norwex Microfiber System:

  • Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following proper use and care
  • Contains BacLock® an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only
  • Helps eliminate the need for paper towels and chemical laden cleaners
  • Significantly reduces the use of costly cleaning products
  • Ultra-thick and absorbent to pick-up and hold more dust, dirt and debris than other cleaning cloths
  • Holds several times its weight in water
  • Made of more than 10 million feet of microfiber for more effective cleaning power

With the Norwex Microfiber System, you will not breathe, touch, or ingest chemicals—you simply create a cleaner healthier indoor environment.

You can clean everything from windows to countertops with the Enviro Cloth and the Window Cloth.


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