Downsizing to Condominium Living

Downsizing to a Condo Lifestyle.

Condo living is quite popular these days. Whether you are just starting out, a professional or executive wanting to be close to work or a senior downsizing your living space there is something for everyone.

Here are two furnishings to help make your space work for you.

2 bedroom condos are a must for my clients when they are moving out of their homes. They no longer desire or can shovel the drive way. Mow the lawn, keep up with the gardening plus all the repairs and expenses that come with owning a house. They want to want downsize but they still want a guest bedroom plus extra space that they can use for daily living.

My advice is always to make your space work for you. YOU come first and visitors second. Having a place for guests is important to many. A traditional bedroom design that gets used occasionally doesn’t make sense when you have scaled back your living space. And it’s not about square footage…

It’s About FUNCTION.

I lived in an bachelor apartment in the mid 80’s in Calgary. It was in walking distance of work, shops, restaurants, the nightlife and amazing parks. I loved where I lived. The only thing missing was a bedroom. But heh I was 24 years old and it wasn’t all that important to me.

It had a separate kitchen, a walk-in closet with built-in a dresser and a murphy bed that closed up into the wall. It looked like an over-sized closet just off the living room.  So, when I had friends over no one was sitting in my bedroom. The apartment was spacious but most of all it was functional. It had a place for everything!

When I started my business 11 years ago it was tough to find a murphy bed for my clients. Now murphy beds have come back and they are better. It is amazing how you can have a comfortable bed for guests to sleep in when needed and the rest of the time you can use the space as a TV room, reading room, music room, craft room or even an office.




Click the links to check out some of the many choices:

Photos of Murphy Beds

How to Build a Murphy Bed for every budget. 

And of course, when you downsize or chose a condo often you have to downsize your bathroom space as well. I helped a client buy a condo a few days ago. I created the floor plan and advised her on what would fit and what would not fit in her new space. And we checked all the boxes on her list of must haves.  All to help her to choose the right condo for her.


This is a really great bathroom mirrored cabinet that provides dual function. Most mirrors just take up space on the wall. Of course, we need our mirrors…but we also need space to store and organize all of our essentials.

Therefore, when you are looking at downsizing or currently living in a small space look for furnishings, décor and accessories that provide multipurpose functions.  

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